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    Watched the Donald J. Trump SAVE AMERICA RALLY!! 

    I’m Like dude !!  we know about what you’ve done!!  that’s why we’re here !!! 

    Now tell us what we’re gonna do to get it back and let’s get together and make it happen!!!

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    Dr. Fauci sings President Trump's praises - At Long Last commends Trump for 'Wise Investment' in COVID-19 Vaccine Development.

    Dr. Anthony Fauci on Thursday praised the administration of former President Donald Trump for its role in the accelerated development of COVID-19 vaccines.

    Fauci, who has served as an adviser to every U.S. president since former President Ronald Reagan, made the remarks during a White House press briefing with President Joe Biden's COVID-19 response team.

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    Congratulations to Doug Collins on his new book, The Clock and the Calendar: A Front-Row Look at the Democrats’ Obsession with Donald Trump. A great look from behind the scenes of someone who was there fighting the good fight—in Impeachment Hoax #1. Thank you Doug, for always being there—and supporting the MAGA Movement!

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    Trump will be 78-years old in 2024, the same age as President Biden is now, and that issue is problematic. Additionally, as successful as Trump was during his term, he left office with an approval rating in the low-30s and his personal brand was severely damaged by the Capitol riots last month; rightly or wrongly. Could he pull off a Lazarus-like revival and come back to political life? Certainly, but that scenario appears highly unlikely. I think Trump can play a key role in the GOP moving forward, but both he and other leaders of the party must be careful in determining what that role is.

    Regarding who fills the void left by Trump, there is one aspect that we can safely assume: that person (or persons) won’t be determined by their skin color or genitalia, unlike our friends in the Democratic Party. Whoever rises up to lead the Republican Party will get there due to his/her qualifications. Who has the best skill set, the most relevant experience, and the broadest appeal to voters? The answers to those questions will decide the party’s future. If it’s another white man, so be it, and if it’s a female or a minority, that’s fine as well. We need the best person for the job to step up, regardless of race or gender. There’s enough identity politics taking place with the Democrats, and Republicans must be sure to reject that strategy.


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