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“Far-right activist Laura Loomer also announced that she was done with Greene. “MTG is no longer an ally to America First,” Loomer declared on Telegram. “She may have claimed to be so that she could climb the political ladder, but she has shown she is all talk and zero action, unless of course the action is selling t-shirts and wine glasses.”

Jacob Wohl

What on earth?

Just as I predicted, Dems won the Senate, which means Republicans have no power. 

Any bills passed by Republicans  in the House will be killed by Democrats in the Senate. 

It’s a lame duck Government for the next 2 years. There will be nothing but gridlock.

GOP having “control of the House” by such a slim margin means nothing when Dems control the Senate and White House.

Please consider supporting the Lake County, FL chapter of Christmas is for Children! 

Donations are tax deductible and go toward creating holiday food baskets to feed children who are in need in Lake County.

Reposted's post.

JUST IN - Elon Musk fires Twitter's general counsel James Baker, an ex-FBI lawyer, for "vetting" internal files on Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

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