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    Something I think about often is the fact that the big tech bill in was intentionally designed to fail because if the amendments my legal team and I submitted to the FL legislature would have actually been adopted,

    1. The bill would have not been struck down,
    2. Trump would have been able to have social media in 2024 as a presidential candidate in Florida. 
    3. People would be protected from payment processor deplatforming in Florida. 4. would have faced punishments for deplatforming my campaign in FL.

    But the bill was just Kabuki theatre and was never actually designed to be successful. It was always fodder for a Presidential run.  

    It’s honestly the lousiest attempt at an anti-big tech bill I’ve ever seen in my life. Texas was able to get a bill. But the Florida legislature failed? 🧐

    They failed because they wanted the tech bill to fail to deny both and myself platform access as candidates, and the Florida legislature full of lawyers was too low IQ to figure out states can’t repeal 230, a federal law. 

    All of this is going to come out in 2023-2024, you’ll see. You heard it here first.

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    An official complaint has been filed in Florida’s Circuit Court of the Fifth Judicial Circuit against Republican incumbent Daniel Webster and the Florida Elections Canvassing Commission contesting the primary election results in Florida’s 11th District. The complaint has been filed in Florida court by Republican constituents in Florida’s 11th District who believe the election was stolen from Laura Loomer

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