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    In The Highwire exclusive, Deborah Conrad (Going into more detail than the Project Veritas expose.), a hospitalist physician’s assistant on the frontlines of the pandemic, pulls back the curtain on the complete lack and disregard in her hospital for reporting Covid vaccine injury to VAERS, this country’s only mechanism to track the safety of these rushed-to-market, mandated products. In riveting detail, including emails & recorded phone conversations, Conrad exposes the internal push to turn a blind eye to injuries and “tow the company line” that this vaccine is safe.

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    DON'T MISS guest Robyn Lee Gritz @vabelle2010, retired FBI SSA, and !  


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    Republican lawmakers from the US House Judiciary Committee asked in a letter on Friday for subpoenas for Hunter Biden - the son of former US Vice President Joe Biden, US Congressman Adam Schiff and the whistleblower behind the ongoing impeachment against Trump.

    Among other witnesses who Republicans want to testify are Nelli Ohr, former contractor for the research firm Fusion GPS; Devon Archer, former board member of Burisma, and an intelligence community employee who spoke with Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman about the notorious July phone call.

    Ranking House member Doug Collins claimed in the letter to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler that Schiff "has permitted to testify publicly" for "those he has previously vetted d approved in a private deposition setting", suggesting that Schiff prohibited Republicans or the US president "to call any additional witnesses".

    Collins emphasized that "to provide context and transparency" in the ongoing impeachment, "the American people deserve to hear" the testimony of Schiff, as well as the anonymous whistleblower and Hunter Biden, who is a former board member of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, a key element in the impeachment.

    Earlier this week, US President Donald Trump recommended a quick US House vote on his impeachment to make way for a Senate trial with a witness list including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Congressman Adam Schiff, former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

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    Senior White House officials and several Senate Republicans reportedly agreed earlier in the day that a full trial should be conducted if the US House of Representatives impeaches US President Donald Trump.

    Spokesman for the White House Hogan Gidley said Thursday that Trump wants to launch this trial in the US Senate with former US Vice President Joe Biden, his son Hunter and a whistleblower - whose complaint showed Trump may have abused power of office during the 25 July phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky - among the witnesses.

    "We were in the Oval Office and we were having a conversation about these hearings. The president did nothing wrong. He wants that plain and clearly explain to the American people. But he also feels that there is no basis to move forward at all in the House. But if they do, he wants a trial in the Senate. He wants to be able to bring up witnesses like Adam Schiff, like the whistleblower, like Hunter Biden, like Joe Biden. And he says if the House moves forward with the sham and they continue to push these fake, illegitimate proceedings onto the American people then he wants it to go to the Senate and he wants a trial", Gidley said, cited by Fox News.

    In September, House Democrats launched an impeachment inquiry after a whistleblower complaint claimed Trump may have abused the power of the office by pressuring Zelensky to investigate the Bidens, alleging that Trump withheld nearly $400 million in US military aid - a charge Republicans deny, pointing to the release of the cash several weeks prior to a July 25 request by Trump, even though Ukraine never launched a Biden investigation.

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