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    When Does it END...??

    these BASTARDS at the need to be slapped down a notch or 3........

    this is just STUPID........

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    JUST IN - Jury finds former Hillary lawyer NOT on charge of lying to the .

    The verdict is a major defeat for Durham, who has spent over 3 years looking for misconduct related to the Trump-Russia probes.


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    the let the tranny Drug addicted ILLEGAL in.....thats how

    Thats why the used him......

    they knew he would NEVER be charged......and IF he was actually CAUGHT, they would just deport him...

    waa lah....a free man again......

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    9x highly valuable & -trained Ukrainian Special forces liquidated by Russian army — Ukrainian sources claim, including names.

    These individuals were very valuable to the Ukrainians. They were properly trained to handle NATO systems.

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