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  • If the had any balls they would attack the Russian Gas pipelines that supply Europe and cut off the Flow of Billions to Russia, but they will not. 

    has almost doubled its revenues from the sale of fossil fuels in the in two months of conducting its military operation in Ukraine.

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      🇪🇪🇪🇺⚡Estonian PM admits that new against will hit the EU

       It is becoming increasingly difficult for European countries to introduce new anti-Russian sanctions, as they already seriously affect the interests of the countries themselves, said Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas.

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      🇷🇺❗Western countries will have to negotiate with Russia, because  side effects of anti-Russian sanctions lead the world to a series of global crisis, - Guardian.

       The West's "economic war" against Moscow is progressing "not according to plan" and is causing a number of dangerous "side effects," writes a leading British publication.

       Thus, due to anti-Russian restrictions, developed countries are already threatened with an economic recession, "rising inflation and unemployment."  And developing countries will soon experience a "combination of fuel, food and financial" shocks, which, apparently, will lead to a series of defaults on obligations to Western creditors and lead to a "full-scale global debt crisis.

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      🇷🇺🇪🇺❗Russian Foreign Ministry: The sixth package of anti-Russian sanctions will have a self-destructive effect on the EU

       The department noted that Moscow will adequately withstand the consequences of unilateral restrictive measures by the EU and remain a reliable trading partner in the international arena.

       The decisions of the EU authorities on the partial rejection of Russian and oil products are expected to provoke a further increase in prices for ordinary Europeans, destabilize the energy markets and disrupt supply chains.

       The EU is purposefully pushing ever closer to the brink by backing its militant ambitions with vague promises of integration, the Russian Foreign Ministry added.

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      JUST IN - population has voted in favor of joining the 's common security and defense policy, PM Frederiksen announces.

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      🇺🇦 💣 Pierre Henrot, a former artillery commander, says the and are coming to the limits of what weaponry they can send to despite it pressing for longer-range missile systems.    

      “Despite the difficult situation of the Ukrainian army in the Donbas, the US has reached a limit to the type of arms that it will provide. Moreover, the NATO countries know that they are dangerously flirting with the concept of co-belligerence and don’t want to be dragged in a direct confrontation with Moscow,” he told Sputnik.

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      🇺🇦❗#Kiev is unhappy with the compromise oil embargo against from the 6th package of sanctions

       “Too slow, too late and definitely not enough.  We are definitely unhappy,” Ihor Zhovkva, deputy head of the Office, told Reuters.

       It is assumed that the EU ban on the import of crude oil by sea from the Russian Federation will take effect 6 months after the official entry into force of the sanctions.  A ban on the import of petroleum products - in 8 months.

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