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    I will be filing an official complaint with and will be leading the charge to get the foreign British national, and homosexual sociopath deported from the United States.

    I’m sure the Biden regime would love to have Milo as a scalp.

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    Milo is trying to extort Ye (Kanye West) for $116,000 in “consulting fees”.

    I told everyone for the last 2 weeks that all Milo was trying to do was steal money from Ye. 

    Once again, I’m right! Grifter status confirmed! 

    This is also illegal and should be deported for this because an official campaign hasn’t even been filed with the . Milo can go to jail for this. It’s illegal to bill someone for campaign services when an official campaign doesn’t exist with the FEC.


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    Multiple sources inside and outside of Ye’s (formerly known as Kanye West’s) political apparatus confirm that is no longer a part of the day to day political operations of YE24. Sources say a rift has developed between and Milo Yiannopoulos, and that Milo tried to get Nick fired from the campaign. Sources say this rift was developing even prior to the Tim interview. 

    On his Telegram today, Milo announced he is no longer Ye’s campaign manager.

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    is so cozied up with Kevin , that she disavowed Nick after McCarthy told her to, accusing Fuentes of racism and antisemitism while her own intern and close personal associate, , posts online about not being able to get through a day without using the N-word.


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    “I want to make it very clear, I will never again work with after what she did to President Trump at Mar a Lago. I happily accepted her resignation from my campaign, over a month before it even ended in 2022. 

    What she did to President is an incredible act of disloyalty and betrayal, and I completely disavow her working with to try to set President Trump up at his own private residence, Mar a Lago.” — Laura Loomer


    Added post   to  , Yiannopoulos

    How can you be a congressional staffer and a campaign staffer? 

    Given that Milo isn’t even a U.S. citizen, this unethical conflict may actually be illegal. And MTG and Milo can both get in a lot of legal trouble for mixing campaigns with congressional work. It’s a violation of FEC laws. It’s also a congressional ethics violation. 

    I’m calling for an official investigation by the into and


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