­čŹŽJoe Biden that President­čŹŽ

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Between you and I, they will be voting for Michael ObamaÔÇÖs balls. IÔÇÖve had enough of this crap.

No one holds the line like Kevin McCarthy. "He's a Democrat"

If you win this week's you could feel like my friend ´╗┐´╗┐ for 2 Days, after tax.

We are streaming the payments process to help you meet my expectations.

If you don't pay your dues, Hunter sues!

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I call them my colleagues, you call them my partners in crime.

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No. We do not ask questions and if we do you ask if they have paid there 10% for the Big Guy!

You won't be driving those gas guzzlers anymore.

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The dress code has been shut down. The Ultra MAGA made too much noise.

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That's against the law. NYC is a sanctuary city with a right to shelter mandate. The DOJ will sue their asses to take in more illegal aliens. The border is open, we are welcoming new immigrants by the millions.

Trump created "SPACE FORCE" for those that have already passed on, I am creating the office of "FRAIL CARE of the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES" to look after any future presidents that reach my age.

I got me one of those "Don't Trip on me" Flags that are so popular with the MAGA crowd. ´╗┐´╗┐