🍦Joe Biden that President🍦

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I’m doing all that I can to stop the MAGA. Movement and direct money to more deserving illegals.

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No they don’t. I’m the only one who can beat Vice President Trump!

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let me introduce Present Putin.

The Vice President

I’m such a Big Boy!

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My favorite Vice President.

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The 🍌 Republic, has a new Acting Chief of Staff

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Citizenship did not stop my buddy Obama from becoming president. If it was not for him, I would never have gotten a Banana Republic to run with Hunter.

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We need fetuses for modern medicine and beauty products. Without them Pfizer would likely go bankrupt and we would have no new vaccines to sell you. Besides you ultra-maga lot say we have too many non-white people, they contribute the lions share to abortion.

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So proud of Hunter, there could not be a better sitting president. The First Criminal Son is doing a great job.

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I stand for and with progressive choices.

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Shooting newcomers is not an option, they have more rights than your daughter and she will sit in jail not them. You ULTRA mega lot think your American children have rights in this country, they don't!