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  • Watch as a "bored Hippie, transgender" and a "Amy Schumer" with a tight push up bra, give way to "Botox Joe" followed by "Dopey" and "Sleepy" with a cameo from "James Carville"

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    • : 'There's no question that the Republican Party today is dominated, driven and intimidated by Donald Trump and the Republicans. And that is a threat to this country.'

      • Wait, what?

        If us American's are expected to suffer at the pumps while Joe imports Russian Gas via Saudi Arabia and suffer "for as long as it takes," why has started to lift sanctions against Russia?

        • 🤣Saudi Arabia is importing Russian oil so that they have spare oil to sell to at a premium. 🤣

          Joe nailed it!

          • I'm crushing it!

            • Has managed to cock-up again and nuke America?

              • is shredding our economy and that of Europe while Russia thrives. 

                In the Ukraine Biden has spent  $13.6 billion in emergency aid in March, and now in May an additional $33 billion. 

                Back home the DHS has spent $72 million to avoid building more border wall. President Biden’s new budget siphons off $2 billion in unspent border wall money and allow it to be spent instead on building roads or cutting down brush along the U.S.-Mexico boundary to make it easier for illegals to cross.

                Inflation is at an all time high, illegals crossing into America is at an all time high. Spending on Ukrainian Border Security is at an all time high.

                Spending on US Border Security is at an all time low.

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                  JUST IN - USA beat Iran 1-0 to reach World Cup last 16.

                  : "They did it! God love ‘em."


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                  🇫🇷🇺🇸 will fly to to complain about the crisis in Europe - Financial Times

                  The conflict in Ukraine is causing more severe economic damage to Europe than to the United States due to rising energy prices caused by a reduction in Russian exports.

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                  MTG is prying on low information voters with zero to little knowledge  about the political system. She is now deliberately lying to the base, telling them that McCarthy is going to carry out impeachments of Biden and his political appointees if McCarthy becomes Speaker, which she’s using to encourage her colleagues to support McCarthy as Speaker. 

                  She is a complete liar and has absolutely no integrity. How can you make those claims when is on the record saying he will never once republicans take back the House?

                  She is like a Trojan horse, trying to sabotage America First from within. 


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                  ✈️💥 Turkish army fighters attack the headquarters of American troops in Hasakah, Syria

                  US forces are responsible for training soldiers of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in Hasakah - media. 



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                  🇺🇲🇺🇦 Joe Biden instructs State Department to allocate $400 million for military support to Ukraine - White House

                  The only pipeline likes is the money funnel to the .

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                  🎁🎉 Happy Joe : On his 80th birthday, Biden got a gift from an unlikely patriot, that is sure to ruin his celebrations.

                  Trump, without lifting a finger, and with no plan to return to Twitter, surpasses the current POTUS by a WHOPPING 50 million followers (more than the population of Ukraine) IN LESS THAN A DAY.

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