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    The stock market is going down so much, and inflation is so rampant, that Joe Biden may very well go down as the next Herbert Hoover!

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    Joe Biden, for the second time in a week, ended his speech with a handshake with emptiness to the music.

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    My Dad Is Watching Me - I Talk to Him All The Time

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    🇺🇸 The US is convening an urgent meeting with world leaders due to the new offensive of the RF Armed Forces.

      Joe Biden plans to hold a meeting on April 19 with the leaders of France, Germany, Britain, Canada, Italy, Poland and Romania.  NATO Secretary General will also take part.

      The agenda is clear.  The Russians want to destroy the 60,000+ Nazis in the east, who have been armed, trained and funded by the US and NATO for 8 years.  Tens of billions of dollars of investment in fascism and years of work to destroy the Donbass and Russia are burning with a blue flame.

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