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    Hunter Biden berated his sister-in-law Hallie Biden and accused her of ruining his life after he learned she had thrown his gun in the trash near a Delaware high school in October 2018, newly revealed texts from a copy of his abandoned laptop show.

    Hunter lamented that Hallie, the widow of his brother Beau, had given the impression he's “an abusive pedophile with homicidal tendencies” and said that “that’s now in the hands of the FBI.”

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    Wow. Hunter Biden’s password to his laptop was “analfu*k69


    I don’t think 69 was the year he was born, either… lol

    What a guy! 81 MILLION votes folks. ☠️🤡

    Now that we know Hunter Biden’s laptop password was “analfu*k69”, I can’t stop thinking about what Joe Biden said about Hunter. 

    “My son Hunter is the smartest guy I know.” — Joe Biden

    🙃🙃 I can’t stop thinking about what that means for our country. 


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    Journalist and whistleblower Jack Maxey says he may have recovered “a horrifying amount of information” previously thought to have been erased from Hunter Biden’s laptop. One America’s John Hines has more from Washington.

    Take a look at the hashtag on StreetLoc it’s horrendous what was on that lapto. 

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