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The House of Representatives has passed the National Defense Authorization Act for year 2020, which,…

Hunter’s profile at Pornhub.  Hunter established the user account RHEast where he called himself ‘Harper’.

We know this is Hunter’s account and one of the reasons is because of the screen shot below where one of his browser pages open is “Joe Biden Smiling”.

But we also are able to confirm this account with Hunter because the pictures and videos in the account are also on the Hunter Biden laptop that was recently uncovered.  There are pictures of two women on top of Hunter on PornHub and these same pictures were located on his laptop.

One of the women in the picture with the two girls on Hunter’s PornHub account can also be traced back to a woman in a pool at a Hollywood location.

We’ve also tied another picture on his home page with another picture on his laptop.  This account is not made up.  It is Hunter’s account:

A shocking piece of information in this squalid story is found on Hunter’s site.  The picture of the woman’s behind on his PornHub home page is that of a family member!  Hunter also includes pictures of that same woman within his account.  

Below is the entire composite.

Why would the Biden family use Hunter as their bag man in their pay-to-play scheme?  Hunter was an animal and a mess.  He admittedly did drugs.  He was with seedy people in seedy places yet the family did all they could to cover it all up.  

This tells you all you need to know about Joe Biden’s judgement.  Joe Biden should never come close to the White House ever again.

<strong>Suggested for you:</strong></p><ul><li><a class="fr-green fr-strong" href="https://streetloc.com/posts/view-post/rGE/laptop-for-hell-photos-of-hunter-biden-and-malia-ann-obama-leak">&nbsp;Laptop form Hell, photos of Hunter Biden and Malia Ann Obama leak online</a></li><li><a class="fr-strong fr-green" href="https://streetloc.com/news/view/qyd/wayne-allyn-root-hunter-bidens-laptop-contains-pictures-raping-">Hunter Biden's laptop contains pictures raping &amp; torturing little Chinese children</a></li><li><a class="fr-green fr-strong" href="https://streetloc.com/news/view/2pP/is-a-joehunter-biden-pedophile-underage-sex-scandle-about-to-break">Is a Joe/Hunter Biden 'pedophile' Underage Sex Scandal About to Break?</a></li><li><a class="fr-green fr-strong" href="https://streetloc.com/news/view/Lpk/is-this-a-pedophile-crime-family--text-messages-jim-joe-jill-and">&nbsp;Text Messages Leaked: Jim, Joe, Jill, and Hunter Biden Discuss...</a></li></ul>

The question, for many democrats, is how do we get over the hatred built by the Democratic Party over the last 4 years?

The political left might consider itself more open-minded than the right. But research shows that liberals are way more prejudiced against conservatives, as conservatives are against liberals.

The University of California, Berkeley, recently had to cancel a lecture by the conservative commentator Ann Coulter due to concerns for her safety—just two months after uninviting the conservative writer Milo Yiannopoulos due to violent protests.

Media outlets on the right have rightly played up the incidents as evidence of rising close-mindedness on the left.

For years, it’s conservatives who have been branded as intolerant, often for good reason. But since Obama conservatives will tell you that liberals have bee demonstrating their own intolerance at an ever increasing intensity, using the strictures of political correctness as a weapon of oppression.

That became a familiar theme during the Obama administration and the 2016 campaign. After the election, Sean McElwee, a policy analyst at the progressive group Demos Action, reported that Donald Trump had received his strongest support among Americans who felt that whites and Christians faced “a great deal” of discrimination.

Spencer Greenberg, a mathematician who runs a website for improving decision-making, found that the one of the biggest predictors of voting for Trump after party affiliation was the rejection of political correctness—Trump’s voters felt silenced.

Added to this, President Trump has to step in and denounce “critical race theory” and cancel the racist New York Times' "1619 Project" from schools and Government institutions. The 1619 Project was — basically, a collection of racist, race baiting, provocative magazine articles about the ways slavery shaped our nation. And by the time Hannah-Jones found her work under near-daily attack from brand-name intellectuals, the president of the United States and, as of last week, even the Times’s own opinion section, it was already more than a year old.

The 1619 Project was launched by the New York Times Magazine last year. After the launch, the Pulitzer Center was named an education partner for the project and announced its education team would develop educational resources and curricula for teachers to use. The 1619 Project curriculum is available online for free through the center.

So who’s right? Are conservatives more prejudiced than liberals, or vice versa? Research over the years has shown that in industrialized nations, social conservatives and religious fundamentalists possess psychological traits, such as the valuing of conformity and the desire for certainty, that tend to predispose people toward prejudice. Meanwhile, liberals and the nonreligious tend to be more open to new experiences if they suite their purposes, but completely closed to any idea other than those they like, a trait associated with the recent extreme prejudice. Liberals expect you to believe that, conservatives and Christians should be inherently more discriminatory on the whole.

Simply put while liberals might like to think of themselves as more open-minded, they are way less tolerant of people unlike them than their conservative counterparts are.

Joe Biden: I will solve the climate crisis, there will be Fewer Fires, Floods and Hurricanes If i'm Elected

This year as republicans are celebrating the nation that give them a home and security, with friends and family. Democrats will be self isolated in their basements plotting on how to destroy this great nation. 


Hunter Biden's former business partner releases audio of 'Biden family friend imploring him not to go public' - and claims Joe’s brother chuckled and said 'plausible deniability' allows the family to 'get away with it'

  • Tony Bobulinski, who was in business with Hunter Biden, was on Fox on Tuesday
  • Bobulinski claims that Joe Biden knew about Hunter's business affairs
  • Joe has always insisted that he did not know what his son was up to
  • Bobulinski provided audio of an October 18 call with one of their partners
  • Rob Walker warns him: 'Tony, you're just going to bury all of us, man'
  • Bobulinski on Tuesday said he had met Joe twice, not once as previously said
  • Bobulinski also said Jim Biden - Joe's brother - laughed off Bobulinski's concern
  • When Bobulinski asked how they could do it in 2017, Jim reportedly replied: 'Plausible deniability'
  • The Navy lieutenant said Joe was 'the big guy' in emails
  • Bobulinski said he came forwards in anger at being described as a Russian pawn

If Tucker Carlson does not win the Pulitzer this year, the prize no longer has any meaning whatsoever.

Scientist infects himself with Covid-19 TWICE to study antibodies - and says results show that hopes of herd immunity are futile

  • Dr Alexander Chepurnov, 69, reinfected himself with Covid-19 as part of a test
  • His second infection was far more serious and required him to be hospitalized
  • He says hopes for herd immunity are futile due to antibodies falling rapidly
  • The Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine professor studies antibodies
  • Within 3 months of infection, antibodies were gone. This is likely to be shorter with vaccine antibodies
  • Dr Alexander Chepurnov, 69, published research

Hunter Biden, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden‘s son, is not dead, despite a death hoax that is making the rounds on social media.

The false claim stems from an October 19 4chan post by an anonymous user. 4chan is a series of anonymous forums similar to Reddit. The post, which is now archived, read: “Hunter Biden died of a crack overdose over 20 minutes ago. Joe is already on his way to the hospital.”

Hunter Biden bemoans longtime business partner Devon Archer naming him and his father Joe as witnesses “in a criminal case” without notifying him.

I get calls from my father to tell me that The New York Times is calling but my old partner Eric, who literally has done me harm for I don’t know how long, is the one taking the calls because my father will not stop sending the calls to Eric. I have another New York Times reporter calling about my representation of Patrick Ho – the fucking spy chief of China who started the company that my partner, who is worth $323 billion, founded and is now missing. The richest man in the world is missing who was my partner. He was missing since I last saw him in his $58 million apartment inside a $4 billion deal to build the fucking largest fucking LNG port in the world. And I am receiving calls from the Southern District of New York from the U.S. Attorney himself. My best friend in business Devon has named me as a witness without telling me in a criminal case and my father without telling me.

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NASA Rediscovers 1976 Soviet Union’s Luna 24 Probe Discovery

According to NASA, scientists at the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) detected water molecules (H2O) in Clavius Crater, on the moon’s southern hemisphere in 2020. Rediscovering what the Soviet Union discovered in 1976 with their Luna 24 probe.

NASA's report notes the concentration to be roughly 100 to 412 parts per million, or the equivalent of a 12-ounce water bottle in a cubic meter of soil. That’s 100 times less moisture than can be found in the Sahara Desert.

“We had indications that H2O – the familiar water we know – might be present on the sunlit side of the Moon,” Paul Hertz, director of the Astrophysics Division in the Science Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters, said in the news release. “Now we know it is there. This discovery challenges our understanding of the lunar surface and raises intriguing questions about resources relevant for deep space exploration.”

One paper published in 1978 in Geokhimiia (Geochemistry), the monthly scientific journal of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, pretty definitively declared it had discovered water on the lunar surface in the Mare Crisium crater. While it’s titled “Possible Water in Luna 24 Regolith from the Sea of Crises” in the English edition of the publication, the article by M.V. Akhmanova, B.V. Dementyev & M.N. Markov makes definitive claims about having discovered water.

According to Arlin Crotts, who was an astronomy professor at Columbia University until his death in 2015, the trio tested soil samples brought from the moon back to Earth by the Luna 24 probe. That probe had drilled two meters down into Mare Crisium and extracted 170 grams of lunar soil. By using infrared absorption spectroscopy, they proved the lunar soil was composed of roughly 0.1% water by mass, with more water appearing further below the surface you went.

Could it be time to stop and look at past discoveries across the globe?

4 Years ago Hillary Clinton posted a picture of herself and wished herself a Happy Birthday to this future president. This year she was crying to Recode co-founder Kara Swisher, that Donald Trump stole the election from her in 2016.

“Why? Because I was the candidate that they basically stole an election from. I was the candidate who won nearly three million more votes. So no matter how they cut it, it wasn’t the kind of win that people said, “OK, it wasn’t my candidate, but OK.” This election is still front and center in people’s psyches. And people fight about it every day online, because there is a deep sense of unfairness and just dismissiveness toward his victory, and he knows it. So part of what he’s doing by attacking me is trying to shore up himself. The other thing is they’ve been attacking me on the right for 30 years,” Hillary said.

Hillary Clinton said it makes her “literally sick to her stomach” to think of four more years of Trump in the White House.

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Hunter rented $2,300-a-night luxury LA mansion for a blowout party and 'broke his sober streak' just weeks ago after heated argument with new wife.

  • Hunter Biden and his new wife Melissa got into an huge argument last month prompting Hunter to leave their Hollywood Hills home and rent a mansion
  • DailyMail.com can reveal that Hunter, 50, rented a $2,300-per-night luxury pad in upscale Pacific Palisades and threw a party with friends
  • Sources tell DailyMail.com that Hunter, a recovering drug addict, allegedly broke his sober streak during the raucous party
  • Joe Biden's youngest son reportedly stormed out on his new wife Melissa, 34, and then left her at their home with their seven-month-old baby just 20 miles away from the rented mansion
  • A source said when Hunter returned, Melissa threatened to take their child to South Africa
  • 'She begged him to go to rehab and to speak to their therapist, he had relapsed and she wanted him to seek help,' a source close to Melissa said
  • The source said the couple were able to sort out their differences and Hunter has been doing 'much better'

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