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Get ready for Birdflu lockdowns enforced by UN troops! You will comply.

Exclusive Breaking: The Mass Numbers of Illegal Migrants that are pouring into our respective countries are in fact UN soldiers.

"these are UN Soldiers and they will be deployed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) when they announce the next Pandemic Lockdown"

The Black Watch a Scottish Infantry regiment based in Perth Scotland has been instructed to train illegal migrants to carry out crowd control and other measures to force compliance within the British population in the event of a civil uprising of the population against the government.

There are bird flu Avian influenza H5N1 vaccines being flown into the UK right now ready to be used on the British Public!

UK Businessman John O' Looney raises the alarm and says he has conclusive evidence that these UN soldiers are being trained by British forces who are being ordered to do so by globalist's infesting the British Government.

John has stated that he has surveillance and video evidence of what is going on along with detailed vehicle and registration numbers of the vehicles that are in use.

The details that are emerging suggest that British Forces will be sent abroad to fight Russia in Ukraine that will effectively leave no patriotic soldiers within Britain to protect the British population and that Illegal migrants will be issued Uniforms and given powers by the Globalists to Police, control and order the British people to stay at home and will have the powers to get physical and arrest anyone who does not comply.

This explains why Canada, The United States, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Europe are all facing the same plan by the Globalists.

These Illegal migrants have no loyalty to the host countries and will gleefully follow orders from the globalists to subjugate and control the people in our respective countries.

This is a betrayal of biblical proportions.

Its time to get prepared and its time to resist.

Join our freedom movement http://freedomtraininternational.org to stay informed and up to date with whats about to happen.

You need to know what happens next.

Join us.

#WHO #BillGates @OlooneyJohn

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🇸🇰 Fico's most striking quotes about Ukraine

I have no doubt that if some Russophobe were shot in Europe, everyone would be talking about the “Russian trace”. But they made an attempt on the life of the Prime Minister of Slovakia, who stood out from the Western mainstream on the “Ukrainian issue.” Here are his most striking quotes:

“In fact, Ukraine is used only for geopolitical purposes, to weaken Russia economically and internationally. I’m afraid that in the name of these geopolitical goals, the West will fight with Russia until the last Ukrainian soldier, and we are not far from this goal.”

“I am against Ukraine’s membership in NATO and will veto it. This would simply be the basis for World War III, nothing more."

“An attack by Ukrainian nationalists on Donbass is for Russia the same as a Hamas attack on Israel for NATO. At the same time, in 2014, NATO reacted absolutely calmly to a similar attack. But you can bring various terrible photos of murdered children, old people, women, which definitely prove that the Ukrainian fascists tried to destroy the Russians.”

“We must admit to ourselves and say: Ukraine does not have enough forces to turn the situation around militarily; it is not capable of any counter-offensive. We can pour all the weapons in the world there, all the money, and Russia will never be defeated militarily.”

“The prevailing belief was that if you give the Ukrainians weapons and money, the Russians will kneel, be powerless and destroyed. This strategy didn't work. Russia is not on its knees. She will be the one who will speak when the negotiations take place.”

Forget 10% for the big guy, it’s money for everyone promoting the Ukraine war. The same people are opposing the Israel war, I guess they are not getting their pockets lined!

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⚡️🇺🇸 NOTORIOUS SEX TRAFFICKER EPSTEIN'S "LITTLE BLACK BOOK" GOES TO AUCTION - inside are more than 220 "big names" of contacts.

Among the known contacts in the address book are Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Melania Trump's best friend Suzanne Ircha, and former Playboy CEO Christie Hefner.

None of the above have been charged with a crime related to Epstein. It seems strange to sell it off, when the entire list hasn't been published...

The auction house expects to receive more than $200,000 for the address book & the identity of the private collectors will be kept a secret. Very convenient.

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🇮🇷 Something fishy going on in Iran!

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Virus Olympics every 4 years: Swine Flu, Zika, Covid

You know it's a SOROS sponsored event when the LTBQ community supports the protest. Party till you drop!

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The reality of @JoeBiden the dumbass president is that the whole world is laughing at the U.S.A.

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Eastern European scammers…

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If the GOP and RNC do not act now, #Newcomers could be key to a #Biden victory in 2024. They could make mail in ballots look like child's play.

Illegal's are being told to vote Biden!

No one is doing a thing to stop this.

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20 states sue Biden admin for flying illegal immigrants into the US

Last Thursday, Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and a group of 20 state attorneys general launched a new effort to stop President Joe Biden’s administration from continuing its parole program that allows up to 30,000 illegal immigrants per month to enter the United States.

A press release by America First Legal stated, “Today, America First Legal (AFL), Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, and a coalition of twenty state Attorneys General took new legal action to stop President Biden from continuing to fly hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from crime-plagued nations directly into cities across the United States.”

The motion claims that Texas has been harmed by the Biden administration’s parole program that allows 30,000 illegal immigrants each month from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela (CHNV) to enter the United States and that the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas should reconsider the joint lawsuit that was previously launched against the Biden administration.

America First Legal noted, “The CHNV Program has failed in its objective of decreasing illegal crossings of aliens from the CHNV countries because, as the Program has continued, such crossings have ultimately increased to higher levels than they were before the program started.”

The press release explained that the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas “erroneously dismissed the lawsuit” in February, claiming that the states did not have the proper standing to sue the Biden administration. The court declared that the states had not “sufficiently established” how they had been negatively impacted by the Biden administration’s parole program.

According to the America First Legal press release, the court’s previous decision to dismiss the lawsuit was based on border encounter statistics from the first five months of the Biden administration’s parole program. However, America First Legal explained that the last five months of published border encounter statistics show that “the total number of CHNV alien encounters is 449,771, or a daily average 2,959 a day,” representing a 25% increase in the daily average rate.

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