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Why is Antifa getting a free pass while we are getting prosecuted?

Can someone please explain?

BIDEN: "No, I haven't taken a test. Why the hell would I take a test? C'mon man. That's like saying you, before you got in this program, if you take a test where you're taking cocaine or not, what do you think huh? Are you a junkie?"

Thousands on non-U.S. residents who were in the country on temporary work visas have received $1,200 stimulus checks dispensed to them in error under the coronavirus relief CARES Act, NPR reported on Wednesday.

The mistake is apparently due to the fact that many of the foreign workers who annually come to the U.S. for low-wage seasonal jobs filed their tax forms incorrectly.

"I would say probably anywhere to a third to a half [of first-time foreign filers] are filing the wrong return," Georgia attorney Clayton Cartwright told NPR, noting that errors are especially likely if workers use an online tax service such as TurboTax, which is intended only for U.S. residents

A nonresident alien is a person who is not a U.S. citizen and does not pass the green card or substantial presence tests used to determine tax status. Nonresident aliens must pay taxes on income they earn in the U.S.

Two explosions shook Beirut — the second one much larger than the first, carrying enough force to overturn cars, damage and shake buildings across the city and strew, debris over a wide area.

The larger explosion, at 6:08 p.m., blew out the glass from balconies and windows of buildings several miles away from the port and at least one building collapsed from the force of the blast. One resident said the streets looked like they were “cobbled in glass.”

The president of Lebanon has said that 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate were detonated in massive blasts in Beirut that have killed 78 and injured at least 4,000.

Officials said the chemicals were stored in a warehouse for six years without safety measures.

Ammonium nitrate is a industrial chemical used for fertiliser. It is also used for mining explosives. It is not explosive on its own, but as an oxidizer it can suck oxygen into a fire. It ignites only under the right circumstances. You need extreme circumstances to set off an explosion.

A huge cache of ammonium nitrate, an explosive compound, had been stored at the blast site. 

A large cache of explosive material seized by the government years ago was stored where the explosions occurred, according to top Lebanese officials — specifically ammonium nitrate, commonly used in both fertilizer and bombs.

Public Health Minister Hamad Hassan announced that his ministry would cover the costs of treating the wounded at hospitals, the National News Agency reported. It said the decision covered both hospitals that have contracts with the ministry as well as those that don’t.

Prime Minister Hassan Diab announced that Wednesday would be a national day of mourning, the National News Agency reported. The Lebanese presidency said on Twitter that President Michel Aoun had instructed the military to aid in the response, and called an emergency meeting of the Supreme Defense Council, which declared Beirut a disaster area.

Lebanon is in mourning after a huge explosion in the capital Beirut killed at least 78 people and injured more than 4,000 others on Tuesday.

The whole city was shaken by the blast, which began with a fire at the port which exploded into a mushroom cloud.

The cause is unclear but the government said “highly explosive materials” had been stored at the blast scene in the Lebanese capital.

The secretary-general of the Kataeb political party, Nizar Najarian, was killed in the blast, and among those injured was Kamal Hayek, the chairman of the state-owned electricity company, who was in critical condition, the news agency reported.

Here is a consolidated PDF of the release with all 512 files (~168mb, 5578 pages). OCR has been run on all scanned pages to make searching easier.

Link to the Files: https://gofile.io/d/Z9KRAg 

Please let us know if you have a chance to do this and feel free to share any shocking unraveled redactions.

Do you see the goat looking at you or the bird looking away?

The recent severe acute respiratory syndrome-coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), which emerged in China in December 2019, is causing an outbreak of respiratory disease (named COVID-19 disease by the World Health Organization, WHO) and deaths in many parts of the world.

Because the new virus has already begun to spread worldwide, it is important for water engineers and professionals to understand the nature and fate of coronavirus and effective measures to protect public health.

Previous studies have shown that coronaviruses exist and can maintain their viability in sewage and hospital wastewater, originating from the fecal discharge of infected patients.

Existing scientific research on viruses in water and wastewater recycling processes has also produced substantial evidence of the routes of human infection by pathogens in water. Because coronaviruses can remain infectious for days in sewage and for longer periods in drinking water, water contaminated by coronaviruses is a potential vehicle for human exposure if aerosols are generated.

Where water and sanitation systems are not adequate, the risk of finding novel viruses is very high.

Scientists know that coronaviruses, including the SARS-CoV-2 virus responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic, can remain infectious for days — or even longer — in sewage and drinking water. 

Two researchers, Haizhou Liu, an associate professor of chemical and environmental engineering at the University of California, Riverside; and Professor Vincenzo Naddeo, director of the Sanitary Environmental Engineering Division at the University of Salerno, have called for more testing to determine whether water treatment methods are effective in killing SARS-CoV-19 and coronaviruses in general.

The virus can be transported in microscopic water droplets, or aerosols, which enter the air through evaporation or spray, the researchers wrote in an editorial for Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology, a leading environmental journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry in the United Kingdom.

Previous studies have shown that coronaviruses exist and can maintain their viability in sewage and hospital wastewater, originating from the fecal discharge of infected patients. Growing attention to this issue is also supported by studies highlighting the persistence of these viruses in aquatic environments and wastewater treatment plants. Therefore, the SARS-CoV-2 virus may already be present in wastewater.

The novel coronavirus could also colonize biofilms that line drinking water systems, making showerheads a possible source of aerosolized transmission. This transmission pathway is thought to be a major source of exposure to the bacteria that causes Legionnaire’s disease, for example.

The extent to which viruses can colonize biofilms is also not yet known. Biofilms are thin, slimy bacterial growths that line the pipes of many aging drinking water systems. Better monitoring of coronaviruses in biofilms might be necessary to prevent outbreaks.

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Covid-19 - Experts vs Reality

Experts predict OVERWHELMED hospitals in the next 2 weeks! Now we have actual stats on our hospitals and the models have MASSIVELY OVERSTATED the impact.  Are we wrecking the economy for no good reason?!

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The majority of #coronavirus infections are mild (taken from a study of 44,000+ cases in Mainland China). A journalist is a terrorists' best friend.

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