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  • Looks like MTG is scared of the expose I released about her yesterday. 

    As an investigative journalist, I take pride in holding elected officials accountable and exposing corruption to the public. It’s easy for politicians to accuse people of “being obsessed” when they get caught lying, or doing something they shouldn’t be doing. 

    Marjorie is lying and saying that I am getting paid for posting my expose. Telegram isn’t paying me a dime. I never asked anyone for money yesterday. And I am not fundraising off of my telegram posts about her and her corruption and misconduct. I don’t make any money off of my posts, and I don’t run ads on my posts. 

    Sadly, MTG can’t say the same, because since being in Congress, MTG has been investing in vaccine stocks, and defense stocks, and has made quite a living off of selling t-shits, wine glasses, and stock trading in Congress while claiming to be a “woman of the people.”

    Her second lie is seen in her claim that I am “not stable”. 

    Funny, I was stable when she was praising me in 2021 telling me how she needs me in office with her. I was stable when she would text me and ask me for information about Ilhan Omar to mention in Congress. I was stable when she would text me to talk about how much she actually hates Kevin McCarthy (weird since she’s voting for him for Speaker now). But then, she started working with Milo, and by his own admission, while working for , together they formed a coalition with the Left to undermine my 2022 campaign after she publicly endorsed me in 2020, and then also said in 2021 on video that she needs me in Congress with her. 

    I also provided the screenshots to prove that too, but of course, Marjorie Taylor Greene seems to have a problem telling the truth these days. 

    One thing she is right about though is that I am a great “citizen” investigative journalist. I am professional journalist who has broken many stories, and was one of the first to be deplatformed due to my effectiveness. My undercover journalism at Project Veritas helped get President Trump elected. 

    And yes, I am pretty good. Good enough to make a sitting US Congresswoman publicly respond to my expose of her undermining President Trump with her “intern” who just set up and helped sabotage President at Mar a Lago last week.

    Interesting how a member of Congress can take the time to post hundreds of words about me personally, but she cannot refute or deny the crux of my claims? 

    That really says it all.

    Looks like she’s scared. 

    More to come! realMarjorieGreene