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  • If the had any balls they would attack the Russian Gas pipelines that supply Europe and cut off the Flow of Billions to Russia, but they will not. 

    has almost doubled its revenues from the sale of fossil fuels in the in two months of conducting its military operation in Ukraine.

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      🇷🇺 The Russian State Duma will consider a bill on recognizing persons who participated in hostilities on the side of the DPR and LPR as combat with all the ensuing benefits from this status.

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      🇷🇺🇺🇦❗Complete accused by showing footage of a rocket strike and a powerful explosion in

       "So that no one dares to deceive ... The Russian missile purposefully hit the shopping center in Kremenchug. They wanted to kill as many people as possible in a peaceful city, in an ordinary shopping center."

       But satellite images and the camera recording itself prove that the blow was struck on the industrial zone, and specifically on the railway.  tracks, it means that only after a powerful explosion of what was standing on the tracks - the fire spread to the center.

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      🇺🇲🇷🇺 The Biden administration believes the , took a "cynical step" when it imposed on the family.  🤣

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      🇷🇺🇺🇦❗This is what happened in Kremenchug.

       The Russian Aerospace Forces delivered a strike with high-precision air-based weapons on hangars with weapons and ammunition received from the United States and European countries, in the area of ​​​​the Kremenchug plant of road vehicles.

       As a result of a high-precision strike, Western-made weapons and ammunition, concentrated in the storage area for further shipment to the Ukrainian group of troops in Donbas, were hit.

       The detonation of stored ammunition for Western weapons caused a fire in a shopping center located next to the plant.

       Actually, this explains how miraculously as a result of the “strike on the shopping center” not a single bottle broke in the alcohol department, where Antonina Gerashchenko first rushed to.

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