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  • If the had any balls they would attack the Russian Gas pipelines that supply Europe and cut off the Flow of Billions to Russia, but they will not. 

    has almost doubled its revenues from the sale of fossil fuels in the in two months of conducting its military operation in Ukraine.

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      : ’s Peace Plan for Is ‘Identical Or Very Close’ to ’s Plan said Tuesday that a Chinese “peace plan” for Ukraine aligns in many respects with Russia’s views, and could form the basis for a peaceful resolution of the crisis, “when the West and  are ready for it.”

      But, Putin said after talks with Dictator in , there was no sign at present of any readiness on the part of the Ukrainian government and its Western backers.

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      's blasts move to send ammo with depleted uranium to . Russian President on Tuesday condemned plans to send tank ammunition that contains depleted to Ukraine, saying Moscow would be forced to respond accordingly.

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      Russia released a video of its fighter alongside the downed Reaper.

      Interestingly, the MQ-9 was equipped with a VERY advanced surveillance system. The Gorgon Stare, as the video confirms.

      China, Russia and Iran have had problems in this area, where the US actually has a significant advantage. If Russia recovers the remains of this surveillance system it could be very interesting for study.

      Recall that the US previously refused to supply the MQ-9 to Ukraine for fear that it would be shot down and the Russians would study it.

      Not only did this happen, but the downed aircraft was carrying one of NATO's most advanced surveillance systems.

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      fumes as considers changing ’s official name!

      Ukrainian Dictator reportedly instructed Ukrainian Denis Shmygal to “carefully” consider renaming Russia to Muscovy

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      and Dictator just launched the on the west with this move: is in real trouble after the destruction of the pipeline and failed western sanctions on . This week we saw our clearest indication yet that the Russia-China alliance just launched the great energy reset on the West after a series of massive trade escalations led to new records.

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