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    🇫🇷🇺🇸 will fly to to complain about the crisis in Europe - Financial Times

    The conflict in Ukraine is causing more severe economic damage to Europe than to the United States due to rising energy prices caused by a reduction in Russian exports.

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    🇫🇷 French President Emmanuel was again while talking to citizens.

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    🇨🇳 Bali was like Versailles reborn, and Xi Jinping was like Louis XIV, the Sun King, surrounded by European leaders vying to have his ray of grace touch them.

    Every European leader at the G20 summit wanted to meet face-to-face with Chinese President Xi Jinping after his almost three-year quarantine. But not everyone got the grace.

    US President Joe Biden spent three and a half hours with Xi, while the French President had to make do with a (still respectable) 43 minutes.

    China has clearly revived its longstanding tactic of courting specific EU countries and their national interests, which it has often used to destabilize Brussels.

    Macron desperately needed this airtime with Xi when the Americans and Germans were dominating the headlines.

    While claimed that agreed with him in "calling for respect for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine," China's own message made no mention of this, saying only: "#China stands for a ceasefire, an end to the conflict and peace negotiations."

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    🇫🇷 and the "End of the Age of Abundance" in .  

     As usual, ordinary Frenchmen, who are not going to ride on , are offered to tighten their belts for the sake of Ukrainian terrorist regime.

     Abundance for Macron is not going anywhere.

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    🇺🇦🇮🇹🇨🇦🇺🇲Nothing is going right for The Backstreet Boys this year. Everything they do strengthens Russia and weakens their citizens.


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    🇺🇲🇫🇷 Journalists overheard the conversation between and at the G7 summit

     Macron told Biden that Saudi Arabia and the do not have enough oil capacity to replace :

     “I had a conversation with MbZ (Mohammed bin Zayed).  He told me two things.  That he is at the maximum, at the maximum of production capacity.  This is what he claims.  And then he said that the Saudis could increase production by 150,000 barrels a day.  Maybe a little more, but they won't have additional capacity until six months from now."

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