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Crash Course: The Poles are trying to halve the training time for Ukrainian crews for Leopards - from ten to five weeks.

In the near future, the Polish military will begin training Ukrainian tank crews at a training center in the Sventoszow region in southwestern Poland.

U.S. Intel is pushing the Ukraine to launch a spring offensive / counter attack against Russia and then sit down at the negotiating table to reach a peace settlement by July 2023. I suspect Russia has other plans.

The Ukraine started the war with nearly 3,000 tanks. Ask yourself what happened to those tanks...

Then ask yourself. How will the Ukraine manage to send 3 different types of Tanks, each with their own complicated maintenance requirements and differing operational characteristics into battle successfully?

What difference will 59 tanks make to the war, with some only arriving at the end of 2023?

  1. The United States will be sending 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine
  2. Germany said it will provide 14 of its own Leopard 2 tanks
  3. U.K. Downing Street announced the shipment of 14 Challenger 2s

Bloomberg: The West has gone reckless in its desire to defeat Putin

According to the author of the article, this is evidenced by the new obligations that the United States and its NATO allies assumed by sending tanks to Ukraine.

“Such a desire to defeat Russia is taking a dangerous and reckless turn. Especially if we recall the deafening fiasco that ended the geopolitical games of the West in Asia, the Middle East and Africa,” the observer warned.

The US is fighting for the Ukrainian titan, - Newsweek magazine.

Titanium is critical to the development of advanced military technology in the West (it is widely used in the production of aircraft, helicopters, ships, tanks and long-range missiles).

Ukraine is one of the five countries producing titanium ore concentrates in the world.

If Kyiv wins, the US and its allies will be in a good position to create a new channel for titanium mining.

“Russia wants to bleed Ukraine before the tanks arrive”

 The Spectator writes that the supply of heavy equipment is unlikely to help Kyiv. And the incompetent and cowardly Germans are to blame for everything, slipping the wrong tanks on the Ukrainians.

 "Thanks to the obstructionism and incompetence of the German government, Ukraine got the worst possible positive result. Instead of a large number of tanks of the same type, they receive three different types of NATO tanks, all in limited numbers and each with separate complex maintenance requirements. This will delay their deployment to the front line" , - writes the publication.

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