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    They from Russia where Communism and Socialism was deployed first in this world since 1917 again are using the same that Communist "President" Obrador from Mexico that are comrades & part from Sao Paulo's Forum of Lula,FHC & Fidel Castro uses trying like devil decieve people like you to corrupt people like you.

    Is the same strategy of coup of two scissors that I explained to you before Mr Ryan Hartwig when Obrador saying lying that he likes CPAC.

    They act like devil himself...

    Make many Temptations to make people who fear God like you became like they are: Evil Atheists full of arrogance.

    I know that they are making this to push the image of USA in the trash even more.

    Ryan Hartwig:

    Thank you Sputnik, Russia-state-owned media for asking me for comment. For someone who literally wrote the book on Facebook censorship, I've never been asked for comment by U.S. state-owned media.


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    For many Americans, the booster promoters have, ironically, stoked skepticism through their heavy-handed mandates, shaming, and censorship. The outrage and propaganda directed at anything that might cast doubt on the vaccine or other pandemic mitigation measures has had exactly the opposite effect that the scolds intended.

    To illustrate, imagine you had to buy the vaccine online only to find out that the vaccine producers censor all of the one and two star reviews. We all read the negative reviews to reassure ourselves before making a purchase. No product is perfect, but we gain more confidence in the good reviews after reading the bad reviews. But when platforms censor reviews, we assume those concerns must worry the people most knowledgeable about the product.

    So much of the distrust of the vaccine can be traced directly back to the pro-vaccine . . . well, misinformation.

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    Common threats create strange bedfellows. Socialists, conservatives, nationalists, neoliberals, autocrats, and anti-autocrats may not agree on much, but they all recognize that the tech giants have accumulated far too much power. None like the idea that a pack of American hipsters in Silicon Valley can, at any moment, cut off their digital lines of communication.

    When the Web was created in the 1990s, the goal was that everyone who wanted a voice could have one. All a person had to do to access the global marketplace of ideas was to go online and set up a website. Once created, the website belonged to that person. Especially if the person owned his own server, no one could deplatform him. That was by design, because the Web, when it was invented, was competing with other types of online services that were not so free and open.

    It is important to remember that the Web, as we know it today—a network of websites accessed through browsers—was not the first online service ever created. In the 1990s, Sir Timothy Berners-Lee invented the technology that underpins websites and web browsers, creating the Web as we know it today. But there were other online services, some of which predated Berners-Lee’s invention. Corporations like CompuServe and Prodigy ran their own online networks in the 1990s—networks that were separate from the Web and had access points that were different from web browsers. These privately-owned networks were open to the public, but CompuServe and Prodigy owned every bit of information on them and could kick people off their networks for any reason. 

    In these ways the Web was different. No one owned it, owned the information on it, or could kick anyone off. That was the idea, at least, before the Web was captured by a handful of corporations. 

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    TalkRadio 77 WABC

    Laura Loomer, journalist, former Republican nominee for U.S. Congress and most banned woman in the world joins Frank Morano to discuss suspicious suicides of DC police officers and social media censorship. 

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    Send your message of support to young Lydia!

    "School Administrators forced joyful and spunky third-grader, Lydia Booth, to remove and replace her mask. Why? Because it had “Jesus Loves Me” written on it.  Lydia isn’t looking to cause trouble. She only wants to share the love of Jesus with her friends and classmates.

    Lydia’s constitutional rights don’t disappear when she steps into school. Thank you for helping us defend her.

    At nine years old, Lydia has been forced to experience what no American ever should: fear of punishment for expressing her faith. "



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