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    ✈️💥 Turkish army fighters attack the headquarters of American troops in Hasakah, Syria

    US forces are responsible for training soldiers of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in Hasakah - media.


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    🇺🇸 RUSHIN’ TO THE RUSSIANS: No more Russian gas or oil, buuut we still need your highly-enriched uranium, says as in twist of MISFORTUNE for America their next-gen nuclear plants, set to aid country in meeting net-zero pollution emissions, need uranium that can only be bought from - you guessed it - a RUSSIAN company that has oh so CONVENIENTLY been exempted from anti-Russian sanctions, but Washington is SEETHING as it realizes its nuclear industry can’t get OFF THE GROUND without Moscow’s support.

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    🇺🇲🇷🇺⚡The is not seeking conflict with #🇺🇲🇷🇺⚡The US is not seeking conflict with Russia and will not send troops to Ukraine, the White House said.

    made it very clear that the United States also does not want the conflict in Ukraine to acquire a nuclear dimension, they see no reason for this, the White House added.

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    🇺🇲⚡US does NOT object to Kiev using against regions that may become part of after the referendum - Secretary of State .

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    🇨🇳🇺🇲 has shown evidence of "thousands of " by the US National Security Agency on a Chinese university in a new report.

    These attacks were discovered to have been carried out by the NSA-affiliated Special Access Operations Authority (TAO), which identified vulnerabilities and operational errors during the attack.

    The technical analysis showed that the cyberattackers' working hours, language and demeanor, and skipping transactions also revealed their links to TAO. The report says that the true identities of 13 attackers have been established.

    The report revealing the details of the cyberattacks on a Chinese university was released to invite countries around the world to unite and effectively detect and prevent cyberattacks by the .

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