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    NEXT! Stay tuned. I’m not done, yet

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    Could explain why she’s now all of a sudden voting for for . If all of these alleged affairs are true, I’d say has certainly set herself up to be compromised and blackmailed by the GOP establishment.

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    is so cozied up with Kevin , that she disavowed Nick after McCarthy told her to, accusing Fuentes of racism and antisemitism while her own intern and close personal associate, , posts online about not being able to get through a day without using the N-word.

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    Look at the body language from and Kevin In this pic.

    They started getting very close and seen in pics together once MTG’s husband very publicly filed for divorce in September. Shortly after, she shocked many when she said she would be supporting McCarthy for Speaker of the House.

    MTG is giving off some serious Renee Ellmers 2.0 vibes to me. 🤭

    And I would know because I played a role in helping break that story in 2015.

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    set up to get denounced by . They both used Nick as a tool to sabotage for Kevin so they McCarthy can endorse Ron for President in 2024 after using Trump to become Speaker. Or at least that’s the plan. 

    After this year, I said MTG would eventually disavow Nick. I was right. 

    People should really listen to me!

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