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    An official complaint has been filed in Florida’s Circuit Court of the Fifth Judicial Circuit against Republican incumbent Daniel Webster and the Florida Elections Canvassing Commission contesting the primary election results in Florida’s 11th District. The complaint has been filed in Florida court by Republican constituents in Florida’s 11th District who believe the election was stolen from Laura Loomer

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    No matter how the districting maps played out, deplatformed conservative Laura Loomer was going to be taking on someone in the GOP Establishment. After the dust settled, the primary opponent she landed ended up being the ultimate incumbent RINO in Florida, Daniel Webster.

    He has been one of the quieter anti-Trump Republicans on Capitol Hill, shying away from direct discussions and conveniently avoiding votes that could have forced him to acknowledge his anti-MAGA status. But his voting record and accumulated actions point us to one conclusion: He’s not an America First patriot.

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    I just filed the first ever RICO case against the Big Tech Mafia. 

    You can read the complaint here: 

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    Tom Vail 

    Dan Webster was on stage with the Greatest Governor, who was there to sign a Bill to improve colleges in Florida. Five other people spoke. But, Dan Webster had nothing to say.

    Laura Loomer asked the Governor to commit to selling all the Twitter stock held by the state of Florida, because of Twitter’s pattern of censorship.


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    WATCH: One of my future constituents in the Villages came to my speech in the Villages and told his story of how he was targeted by the FBI after January 6 and how my opponent, Do nothing Dan Webster did nothing to help him when the FBI was harassing him and his family! 

    He said this is why he will be voting for me instead of Dan Webster! 

    I will never allow for my constituents to be targeted and harassed by Biden’s gestapo!

    FBI= Federal Bureau of Insurrectionists

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