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    are looking to, and will, and for America, at unprecedented levels. Also, and importantly, the Trump Tax Cuts must be extended!

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    With ALL of the TESTIMONY
    With ALL the PROOF of vote fraud
    With ALL the CELL PHONE records PROVING ballot stuffing.....
    With ALL the State AUDITS PROVING FRAUD......

    When does the 2020 Election get De-Certified
    and the Child Raping TRAITOR and his COMMIE-FORNIAN WHORE get Removed and ALL of the past 2 years action become NULL and VOID ?

    When do start GOING TO JAIL ????
    When do START demanding that the ILLEGAL activity surrounding the 2020 election be looked at ??

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    Lawmakers don’t brawl as they did in slavery debates before the Civil War. But they’ve made up for abandoning violence by making their rhetoric more extreme. It’s been three years since The Week illustrated rhetoric inflation with a graph showing a near-vertical rise in politicians’ use, for example, of the term “existential threat.” The drift has surely accelerated since then.

    But it’s not only elected officials riding the tide of exaggeration. The rhetoric and the logic of activists also reject nuance. To accuse someone of racism is the gravest of insults, but it is common to do so. Those pushing critical race theory insist you’re a racist unless you’re an active anti-racist — a status attained only by asserting ideas and taking actions that good people rightly deplore.

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    President Joe Biden is officially a disgrace to the office, the nation, and its citizens.  Ruined by his native low IQ arrogance, malicious incompetence, and aging mental health infirmities, and shunned by our allies, Joe Biden has no standing. Vacant VP Kamala Harris, having neither an ounce of political smarts nor a tincture of governance leadership chops, let alone self-awareness or likeability, makes a mannequin look statesmanlike. The Constitution has no proviso for the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris catastrophe, except for a series of impeachments, 25th Amendment removal, and waiting it out until 2024. But assuming both Biden and Harris are impeached, who would replace them? Pelosi and then Dem Senator and Senate President Pro-Tem Patrick Leahy are next in line.

    Can the Republicans arrange an omnibus impeachment to eliminate all of the toxic or incompetent successors?   Rhetorical speculations of that sort are unserious clickbait. Would the House and Senate Republicans, as a unified bloc, stymie and neutralize any Democrat agendas?  Uh, no. A three-year stalemate seems impossible; after all, Gen Ulysses Grant’s civil war stalemate and war of attrition in the Wilderness and Petersburg gave us a blood-soaked exhausting two years. All but a handful of Republicans are cowards and too unserious to wage a necessary political cleansing.

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