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    Anyone who calls my posts gossip isn’t very intelligent. This is called holding elected officials accountable. 

    I don’t care if she’s a . I will keep calling out my own corrupt Republican party just like I call out the Party. It’s all the same.

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    Apparently House Republican leader Kevin , backed by GOP donors, has been engaging in a secretive—and until now actually secret—campaign to sabotage candidates who favor the kind of immigration enforcement that Republican voters like.

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    I’m drawing a line. Going forward, after this stunt tonight with McCarthy & Emmer’s , any member of Congress who publicly expresses support for McCarthy’s plan ahead of the midterms just cannot be trusted and is not worthy of having your support.

    To be on board with is to support an anti-Trump, and an anti America First agenda. 

    It’s right in front of your eyes. Doesn’t get worse than this email they just sent out…

    The is intentionally trying to ruin their chances of taking back the House by pissing off the GOP BASE, which supports .

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    Jack Maxey

    May I just say punches like a - full on cold cock and he did not even stagger . He could be a leader of OR . Because he clearly hits like a little girl. FACT

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