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    Jack Maxey

    May I just say punches like a - full on cold cock and he did not even stagger . He could be a leader of OR . Because he clearly hits like a little girl. FACT

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    Isn’t it terrible that a Congressman from just got for possibly telling some lies to investigators about campaign contributions, when half of the United States Congress lied about made up scams, and when Mark Zuckerberg, in my opinion a criminal, is allowed to spend $500 million and therefore able to change the course of a Presidential Election, and nothing happens to them. Comey lied, Schiff lied, Crooked Hillary lied, McCabe lied, the two lovers, Peter and Lisa, lied. They all lied having to do with Russia, Russia, Russia, because they knew it was a SCAM, and they all lied having to do with Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, because they knew it was a SCAM—and they made up fairy tales about me knowing how badly it would hurt the U.S.A.—and nothing happens to them. Is there no justice in our Country?

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    With no self-awareness whatsoever, Democrats embrace authoritarianism, racial conflict, the rewriting of history, and the politically expedient redefinition of words while accusing their opponents of those transgressions.  Holding up their copies of 1984, Brave New World, and Fahrenheit 451 as if they understood the lessons of those novels (and some tyrants in the Democratic Party no doubt do), they have ironically become the spitting image of everything against which Orwell, Huxley, and Bradbury forewarned.

    What is less clear is where Republicans stand.  For too long, they have embraced the mantle of a stodgy, conservative party, happy to oppose first the threats of Soviet communism and then the rising menace of Marxist-socialism, more generally, by merely slowing down their opponents' push for revolutionary change and seeking to preserve traditional institutions of American culture and power.  Fighting growing government power by conserving traditional government power, however, has predictably aided the government in only becoming more powerful.  So-called "progressives" have succeeded in expanding government control over the individual, and so-called "conservatives" have succeeded in preserving the progressives' new devices of control in the name of "tradition."

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