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    Florida Governor Ron Suspends State Attorney Andrew Warren for Refusing to Enforce Florida Law.

    DeSantis sent state police to physically remove from his office, "with access only to retrieve his personal belongings, and (ii) to ensure that no files, papers, documents, notes, records, computers, or removable storage media are removed from the Office of the State Attorney..."

    More GOP Governors need to take up this practice and get rid of Soros plants...

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    A sign outside of the Day Dinner last night in the Villages 🤣 

    Love the passion.

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    Tom Vail 

    Dan Webster was on stage with the Greatest Governor, who was there to sign a Bill to improve colleges in Florida. Five other people spoke. But, Dan Webster had nothing to say.

    Laura Loomer asked the Governor to commit to selling all the Twitter stock held by the state of Florida, because of Twitter’s pattern of censorship.


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    NOW - Gov. DeSantis wants to hold Twitter's board and directors accountable for potentially injuring Florida's pension fund. 


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    On Friday Nikki Fried claimed not to have an Amateur Sex Tape out there:

    Nikki Fried:

    It’s absurd that I have to dignify this, but there is no sex tape. Sorry to disappoint. Also sorry basically every successful woman has to deal with these types of rumors.

    It appears that Nikki Fried, the Florida Commissioner of Agriculture, who is also running to challenge Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) in November, is rather hungry for attention. This bizarre week she's had would certainly suggest that. On Thursday, both DeSantis and Fried held events, and they could hardly be more different in attendance, as pictures show.

    Ms. Fried’s statement was featured prominently on social media, and on her campaign website Friday.

    Nikki Fried's campaign events are looking a lot like Biden vs Trump, soexpect her to win Florida by record margins just like Biden did when he beat the pants off Trump in 2020 in the fairest elections America has ever seen.

    Ultimately, Fried canceled her other campaign events for the day, after they were not only so poorly attended, but protesters caused the other events to be canceled. At least that was the reason given according to a report from WEAR, a local ABC outlet. 

    "Due to anticipated protests and demonstrators, the event at 2 p.m. has been canceled due to the concern for the candidate's safety," the Santa Rosa County Democratic Executive Committee said.

    No one has any idea who (if anyone) has accused Nikki Fried of having a sex tape and she has not named the accuser, much in the same way that there is no record of anyone calling Nikki Fried a "successful woman" other than herself, the successful Nikki Fried! 

    Florida's primary is August 23. Fried has been performing dismally in the polls. As Guy covered in early February, she had 40 percent to DeSantis' 51 percent. Later that month, polling showed Fried with just 32 percent support compared to DeSantis' 55 percent support. 

    Fried fancies herself as the "Biden" of Florida, a dark horse who's election results will show that she is more popular than ever.

    Watchout for a surprise victory for Fried in Florida's Fairest Florida Elections in August. 


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    Paul Joseph Watson

    governor Ron openly accused of being obsessed with sexualising children Tuesday, questioning why the company is choosing “the hill to die on” as having “transgenderism injected into kindergarten classrooms.” 

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