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  • I believe it. The RNC doesn’t want Lake to win because she’s way better than DeSantis, and unlike DeSantis, she is actually a Trump loyalist. If they allowed her to win, people would see she’s way better than DeSantis and would actually keep her promises, unlike Disloyal DeSantis. 

    They don’t want any other Governor to win besides so that they can push him as “the future of the party”. The swamp envisions a future GOP without Trump. And clearly DeSantis has agreed to that.

    That’s why the RNC never filed a lawsuit in AZ against Katie Hobbs and the AZ Secretary of State’s office over a conflict of interest. They want Katie Hobbs to win so that a pro Trump Governor candidate doesn’t win and expose the  fraud in AZ. 

    If the fraud in AZ is proven, there is no denying the 2020 election was stolen, which means Trump is entitled to another term. #DeSanctimonious

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      set up to get denounced by . They both used Nick as a tool to sabotage for Kevin so they McCarthy can endorse Ron for President in 2024 after using Trump to become Speaker. Or at least that’s the plan. 

      After this year, I said MTG would eventually disavow Nick. I was right. 

      People should really listen to me!

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      WATCH: Kevin McCarthy disavows Nick Fuentes and attacks Donald Trump for having dinner with him. 

      I’m a free speech absolutist, and Kevin McCarthy hates free speech, so he must never be Speaker. Marge needs to get off her knees, wipe her lying mouth, and get a reality check about McCarthy. 

      Reminder, MTG has been telling all of her colleagues to vote for Kevin McCarthy for Speaker. MTG also spoke at AFPAC this year and then pretended to not know who Nick was after Milo doxed the speaker list, causing a speaker to drop out so Milo could then “come to the rescue” and have MTG be the speaker instead. It was all planned so Milo could get a job with MTG. 

      The reason why MTG got so nasty and attacked me on Telegram yesterday is because she helped set Trump up with Milo, who was her Intern and is living in Rome, Georgia, where her house is located. I have reason to believe that Milo is living with MTG in Georgia. 

      On Tim Pool last night, tried taking credit for organizing the dinner at Mar a Lago and name dropped MTG to do so. But, then said the dinner had already been planned since October. 

      is working with to undermine to help become the nominee, and she’s using her intern and roommate Milo Yiannopoulos as a political tool to sabotage Trump. 

      I exposed it, so now she’s lying about me on her Telegram. 

      MTG is going down. I’ll make sure of it.

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      just referred to Ron on Twitter as one of his opponents, which is another way of saying Ron DeSantis is jumping into the 2024 race. 

      More evidence supporting what I said in the post above.

      Added post   to  , DeSantis

      People have asked me:

      “Laura Why would MTG work against Trump by hiring Milo?”

      As we all know, Marjorie Traitor Greene just encouraged all of her colleagues to vote for Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House. 

      Kevin McCarthy’s best friend is Paul Ryan, who recently endorsed Ron DeSantis for President against Trump in 2024.

      Based on this evidence I have shown you today, I believe MTG is working with to undermine Donald Trump by using Milo as a political hit job tool for the sake of helping  make Ron the 2024 GOP presidential nominee.

      takes votes away from Trump. 

      The bad press regarding Trump pushes more people toward DeSantis. 

      cannot be trusted. She still has not fired after his little organized stunt at Mar a Lago and organized media hit job to sabotage .

      Added post   to  , DeSantis

      Ron and his team are trying to destroy

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