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  • I believe it. The RNC doesn’t want Lake to win because she’s way better than DeSantis, and unlike DeSantis, she is actually a Trump loyalist. If they allowed her to win, people would see she’s way better than DeSantis and would actually keep her promises, unlike Disloyal DeSantis. 

    They don’t want any other Governor to win besides so that they can push him as “the future of the party”. The swamp envisions a future GOP without Trump. And clearly DeSantis has agreed to that.

    That’s why the RNC never filed a lawsuit in AZ against Katie Hobbs and the AZ Secretary of State’s office over a conflict of interest. They want Katie Hobbs to win so that a pro Trump Governor candidate doesn’t win and expose the  fraud in AZ. 

    If the fraud in AZ is proven, there is no denying the 2020 election was stolen, which means Trump is entitled to another term. #DeSanctimonious

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      • is a Democrat balloon designed to play the first lesson in politics: "Divide and conquer!"