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    As my case will uncover, P&G has played a huge role in getting conservatives banned by tech companies.

    Certain people were banned at the request of P&G

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    BREAKING: Today P&G, which was listed as a defendant in my federal case against big tech, was officially served today. 

    P&G is Facebook’s largest advertiser and as I have been reporting for years, they played a direct role in getting me banned from and in 2019, and subsequently labeled as a dangerous individual.

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    ’s lawyers are freaking out over the case I recently filed against them, and they are asking for it to be dismissed. 

    I am going to win my election and hold Big Tech accountable. And I am also going to see that my lawsuit is successful as well. 


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    Facebook “Meta” has retained Ari Holtzblatt  of to represent them in the RICO case that I have filed against , Twitter, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jack Dorsey. 

    This same law firm also represented in the lawsuit that President Trump filed against them over his ban. 

    In other words, Twitter and Facebook have the same lawyers .

    Imagine that! 

    Gee… it’s Almost like these companies COORDINATE like I said in my complaint! 🤷🏻‍♀️

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    I just filed the first ever RICO case against the Big Tech Mafia. 

    You can read the complaint here: 


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