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    I will be filing an official complaint with and will be leading the charge to get the foreign British national, and homosexual sociopath deported from the United States.

    I’m sure the Biden regime would love to have Milo as a scalp.

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    WATCH: In broken English and third world distorted grammar, MTG disavows Nick Fuentes and says “he doesn’t know anything”. 

    Haha she said the same about me on Telegram 2 days ago when she attacked me in a crazy rant. 

    Weird how she didn’t think that 10 months ago when her friend Milo doxed former director Tom as a speaker at so that MTG could take his place. She was very happy to hug Nick on stage and speak at AFPAC in Orlando 10 months ago. 

    MTG was so impressed by all of the press she got as a result of speaking at AFPAC, she hired MILO to be her intern shortly after. 

    hasn’t disavowed … and it’s because I have reason to believe they live together. 

    Hypocrisy much?

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    Ice River Go Kart Racing Can be Fun

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    Police say they took 76 people into custody Saturday who blocked traffic near the Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan, according to AP.

    The protesters criticized Microsoft for doing business with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

    They decried what they called the agency’s racist campaign against immigrants and asylum seekers.

    A Microsoft spokeswoman announced that the company closed the store for the rest of the day.

    The protest comes amid mounting criticism of companies working with ICE.

    Some of Microsoft’s own employees demanded last year that it cancel its data processing contract with ICE.

    Saturday’s march and sit-in was organized by a coalition called Close the Camps NYC.


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