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    🇫🇷⚡#France has 2,500 stations , and almost 2,000 gas stations with a partial shortage

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    JUST IN - 's halts transit through Austria to .

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    🇪🇺⚡The will hit like the disaster of 2009 - Bloomberg

    Governments are spending hundreds of billions of euros to ease the pain of high gas prices, but that won't stop a deep recession.

    The economic damage from cutting off Russian supplies is mounting rapidly in and could eventually eclipse the effects of the global financial crisis.

    With a continent-wide recession looking imminent, a harsh winter is setting in for chemical manufacturers, steel mills and automakers, starved of essential raw materials, who, along with households, are sounding the alarm about skyrocketing energy .

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    🇭🇺❗Representative of the Hungarian government: an embargo on Russian would mean a "shot in the lungs" for Europe, it is impossible to compensate for supplies from the Russian Federation

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    🇩🇪🇷🇺 Germany says it will do everything to eliminate the technical problems that prevent the full operation of , due to which supplies to have been sharply reduced.

     To do this, it is necessary to bypass our own sanctions restrictions, which prevent the supply of German equipment to Russia ( equipment is stuck in due to sanctions).

     In fact, signs that it is going to do everything to violate the sanctions against .  If you want to live, you won't get so upset.

     In the case of Germany, the word "live" implies the survival of a part of industries that cannot refuse Russian gas in the coming years.

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