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    California Law Mandating Female Quotas on Corporate Boards Judged Unconstitutional, In Victory For Judicial Watch

    “S.B. 826’s goal was to achieve general equity or parity; its goal was not to boost California’s economy, not to improve opportunities for women in the workplace nor not to protect California taxpayers, public employees, pensions and retirees.”

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    The price of in the #U.S. broke another record, according to the American Automobile Association.

    In , the average price per gallon is almost $6. At the same time, social media users publish photos from gas stations where gasoline is sold at a higher price.

    The national average for a gallon (3.785 liters) of fuel is $4.483 - 3 cents more than on Friday. For diesel - $ 5.56.

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    A very drunk man, who was kicked out of a 7-Eleven decided to take a selfie on top of a 300k dollar car in , .

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