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    How much did Dan Webster’s campaign pay Peter Schorsch to write this hit piece? 😂

    1. It’s not a secret I come from South FL!
    2. The grassroots in Lake County RECRUITED me to run in FL 11 because Dan Webster doesn’t show up for work!
    3. Many people in district 11 donated to my campaign. Anyone with a basic understanding of FEC reports knows that only donations of $200 or more are reported on the FEC. The median income in district 11 is about $53K! The average family in District 11 can’t afford to write big checks like most of Dan Webster’s good ol’ boy establishment donors do.

    I’m proud to have grassroots support & low $ donations!

    I still outraised him!

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    The Dailymail has published a headline on the US version's home page, falsely claiming Laura Loomer told supporters to "get vaccinated and ware a mask"

    Laura Loomer issued these two statement's

    If Dailymail.Com doesn’t issue an immediate retraction, I will sue them for their absolute lies. 

    I have NEVER told anyone to take the vaccine and I have never encouraged masking. 

    I do not support masking, and I do not support the COVID vaccine. 

    And I never will.

    This is FAKE NEWS. 

    I am completely against the COVID vaccine and masks. 

    I have always been against the COVID vax and masking. Both have been shown to be ineffective in combatting COVID. 

    Daily Mail is lying.


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    This one is going on the wall

    Added post  to  , LauraLoomer

    Dan Webster often goes weeks without posting on his social media accounts, which he’s lucky to have given that the leader of the free world doesn’t even have accounts. 

    But now that I’m in the race, he’s tweeting up a storm to create the perception that he’s working while he’s doing nothing.

    Added news  to  , LauraLoomer

    The right-wing provocateur will now challenge Republican Rep. Daniel Webster.

    Laura Loomer, the far-right conspiracy theorist and anti-Muslim provocateur notoriously banned from most major social media platforms, announced on Wednesday that she is mounting a primary challenge against six-term Rep. Daniel Webster (R-FL) in central Florida. 

    Added news  to  , LauraLoomer

    Laura Loomer, who ran a high-profile campaign against Florida Democrat Rep. Lois Frankel in 2020, announced today that she will launch a primary challenge against Rep. Dan Webster in Florida’s 11th congressional district.

    The 11th district is a deep red Republican district, rated +15 Republican by the Cook Partisan Voter index. In 2020, the Democrat contender for the seat, Dana Cottrell, lost by 33 percentage points.