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    estimated to have killed 100,000 Americans -

    John Beaudoin is calling for a criminal investigation into remdesivir citing data that it may have killed 100,000 people in America.

    The US Food and Drug Administration authorised the experimental antiviral drug remdesivir, brand name Veklury, for emergency use against in May 2020. By October 2020, it had received full approval. It remains a primary treatment for in , despite research showing it lacks effectiveness and can cause high rates of organ failure.

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    ‘Simply Obscene’: Approves Fourth Shot for Infants and Kids Under 5

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s decision Tuesday to allow infants and children 6 months through age 4 to get ’s bivalent booster shot drew harsh criticism from and others who said children don’t need any , let alone four doses.

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