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    NEW - personally approved the dissemination of Trump-Russian bank allegations to media, campaign manager Robby Mook testifies in court.


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    The hits keep coming for the Patriots, just in time as people really had been giving in to the frustration that the ‘Swamp-y” creatures who have ruled Washington DC for so long were going to get off without so much as a rebuke for their highly corrupted actions over the last five years.

    A federal judge has given Special Counsel John another victory. It really feels like momentum is building, leading to at least being exposed for her involvement in what is now known as the hoax.

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    Durham Wants to Use Hillary Clinton’s Tweet Accusing Trump of Having a Secret Line of Communication with Russian Alfa Bank

    According to the indictment, Sussmann falsely told James Baker he wasn’t doing work “for any client” when he asked for a meeting with the FBI where he presented bogus evidence the Trump Tower was secretly communicating with Kremlin-tied Alfa Bank.

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    Liz Harrington: “This is the biggest political crime in history. This was the coup attempt… 

    Let’s call this what it also was, an against the established government, President Donald J. Trump…”

    She then went on explain that what they did was

    At the end of the clip, she was asked how to get around the ‘media blockade’ and the media blackout surrounding the scandal. 

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    A new J.K. Rowling's novel?

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