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  • They could at least send out to citizens & businesses, then work on the rest of it later. Too many people in need & far too many businesses having to close for good because of the .

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      Physicians who still practice medicine cannot afford to write or say the following for fear of being canceled.  As a retired physician, I cannot be coerced to keep silent with threats to my medical license or hospital privileges.

      COVID-19 is probably the greatest and most successful swindle in history. By comparison, Carlo Ponzi and Bernie Madoff were pikers. The COVID scam has affected most of earth’s 7.8 billion inhabitants, consumed trillions of dollars, and achieved a level of government control unprecedented in modern democracies.

      Americans have a bone-deep commitment to individual liberty and freedom. This is apparent from the grassroots activities pushing back against recent authoritarian over-reach, from parents suing school boards over CRT and vaccine mandates for kids to sinking poll numbers for the Biden administration. 

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      Why did the United States spend $7,927,894.38 in 2017 on 2,627,050 Kilograms of COVID-19 Test Kits a full TWO YEARS prior to the outbreak?
      Why were COVID-19 Test kits exports by country in 2017? Link⤵️The HS Classification Reference based on Covid-19 medical supplies list 2nd edition, prepared by World Customs Organization (WCO). Link⤵️Why would the World Customs Organization remove this information from their website? Link⤵️Why is the World Bank involved?

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      COVID-19 Test kits exports by country in 2017:

      Original list of the World Customs Organization link:

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