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  • here we come  

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        • Jackasses wearing masks. Shows how stupid they are. Especially BIDEN. !

          • Yup, and Putin pretty much gave away the secret when he said any interference and he will unleash "what the world has never seen before". This could only be an EMP over a major city.....boom boom, out go the lights.

            • Like a punk in a liberal city, he knows he can take whatever he wants with little repercussion....

              • I found a waste in Government too. It's called JOE BIDEN !    

                • Ali Alexander

                  It’s the one year anniversary of Stop the Steal and Florida's Governor, Ron DeSantis, announces the creation of an office dedicated to investigating and prosecuting election crime. What a great present! 🎁 

                  Thank you to the activists who keep pressure on our Republican officials. Special shout-out to Roger Stone and Laura Loomer for increased pressure on the governor regarding election integrity.

                  • Joe Biden that President is running a Black Friday Sale on his $3.5 Trillion Spending Bill, it's going ($2 Trillion), going ($1.75 Trillion), gone...
                    Then Debt ceiling will knock Captain Poopy Pants into the crapper.