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REELTalk TONIGHT @ 8PM ET - LTC Allen West, MG Paul Vallely of Stand Up America, author Diana West, Dr. Steven Bucci of Heritage and author Major Fred Galvin  #FreeSpeech #DoNotComply #DefendTheConstitution #BidenBlackouts #NoMandates #HoldTheLine
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    REELTalk TONIGHT @ 8PM ET - Dr. Peter Hammond in South Africa, Stand Up Americas MG Paul Vallely, LTG Thomas McInerney and Senior Reporter for CBNNews Dale Hurd

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    REELTalk TONIGHT @ 8PM ET - Cheryl Chumley of Washington Times, Former ICE Special Agent Victor Avila, Filmmaker Christopher Martini and Conservative Move 

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    tells the to Pound Sand! Block their access to Twitter!

    VP for Values and Transparency Threatens With “Sanctions” If He Allows on

    Unelected technocrat demands billionaire 'behave' himself.

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    REELTalk TONIGHT @ 8PM ET - MG Paul Vallely, Legal Analyst Christopher Horner, Bestselling Author Andrew McCarthy and America's History Teacher Larry Schweikart 

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