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    WATCH: just admitted he has .

    Remember now, Biden’s son Beau died from brain cancer. 

    Something is seriously wrong with Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities these days.

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    🇺🇦 Chief of Ukrainian intelligence claims that his highly positioned source in the Kremlin confirmed to him that has stomach and is about to undergo extensive surgery — apparently Putin already picked his replacement — the ex chief of FSB Nikolai Patrushev. According to , He will be tasked with defeating Ukraine while Putin undergoes this alleged surgery.

    Edit: just remember guys, Kim Jong Un was a vegetable, his aunt was killed, Shoigu “highly likely” died 5 weeks ago and Putin already had: Alzheimer’s, brain cancer, thyroid cancer, degenerative nerve disease, Parkinson’s.

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    NEW - Up to 740,000 potential have been "missed" since the first in the UK, according to a damning report. 

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