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    WATCH: just admitted he has .

    Remember now, Biden’s son Beau died from brain cancer. 

    Something is seriously wrong with Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities these days.

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    🇺🇦 Chief of Ukrainian intelligence claims that his highly positioned source in the Kremlin confirmed to him that has stomach and is about to undergo extensive surgery — apparently Putin already picked his replacement — the ex chief of FSB Nikolai Patrushev. According to , He will be tasked with defeating Ukraine while Putin undergoes this alleged surgery.

    Edit: just remember guys, Kim Jong Un was a vegetable, his aunt was killed, Shoigu “highly likely” died 5 weeks ago and Putin already had: Alzheimer’s, brain cancer, thyroid cancer, degenerative nerve disease, Parkinson’s.

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    NEW - Up to 740,000 potential have been "missed" since the first in the UK, according to a damning report. 

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    Rush Limbaugh, the talk titan who made right-wing radio financially viable in American media and himself a Republican kingmaker years before Fox News, died Wednesday, after he revealed in 2020 that his lung cancer was terminal. He was 70. His death was confirmed by his wife, Kathryn, at the beginning of Limbaugh's radio show, from which he's been absent for almost two weeks. A longtime cigar smoker who stocked the humidors in his homes and studios with the finest, Limbaugh succumbed to cancer after battling drug addiction and loss of hearing earlier in his career (he was deaf by the end and broadcast his daily show in spite of it). 

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