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    REELTalk TONIGHT @ 8PM ET - Surgeon General of FL Dr. Joseph Ladapo, bestselling author Steven Hartov and Musicians-Songwriters Bobby and Chrissy Blazier 

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    NOW - Dr. reappears and proclaims "if you get , and your family's vaccinated, you can feel good about enjoying a typical , Christmas with your family and close friends."

    Just yesterday, Gibraltar, the highest vaccinated region on Earth, canceled all Christmas celebrations due to an exponential spike of COVID-19 cases. 

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    We’re in America, not the USSR or Red China. The government can’t tell us what holidays to celebrate or with whom we can do so. That hasn’t changed just because a slightly worse version of the flu is floating around.

    The government rarely gives up power. It almost never reinstates liberties, once lost. That applies to this situation too. If you give the right to choose who you will associate with and for what purpose up, then you will never get that right back.

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    This year as republicans are celebrating the nation that give them a home and security, with friends and family. Democrats will be self isolated in their basements plotting on how to destroy this great nation. 


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