Contrary To Leftist Revisionism, Native American Culture Was Indeed ‘Savage’

Progressives embrace victimhood to give themselves moral superiority, which often requires grossly distorted narratives instead of historical facts. Nowhere is this more apparent than in The Nation magazine, where two American Indian “activists” recently “debated” Should America Keep Celebrating Thanksgiving? They agreed that Thanksgiving needed to be “decolonized” and that Thanksgiving needed to refocus on the evil of the colonists.

The big lie behind this “debate” is that colonial era “indigenous culture” was superior to Western culture. Scratch the surface, though, and you see that their complaint is not that the European colonists were evil but that, in the clash of civilizations, the Indian tribes lost.

The world—and the American Indians today—are far better for colonization. The truth is that all the colonial-era North American Indian tribes were nonliterate, militaristic, brutal, stone-age, and only steps removed from hunter-gatherers. Their decentralized tribal governance was a cause of constant war and bloodshed.


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