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    My RINO opponent just voted to hand over $40 BILLION to Ukraine while choosing to put America LAST!  Read more here, and support my campaign  today! 

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    How can Dan Webster claim to be pro life when he’s willing to allow for Americans to die while funding Ukranians and their survival? 

    He says he’s pro life and wants to protect babies, but babies are literally going to die here in America from a lack of baby formula. Seniors are going to go homeless and DIE because they can’t survive on fixed incomes while our treasonous politicians give BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN CASH to Ukrainians. 

    Why not give $40 BILLION to American families so they can survive??

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    I used to think maybe Dan Webster was a nice man and just a terrible representative, but you’re not a nice person when you let your own people suffer and then rob them and their families to support people who don’t even live here. 

    You have to be pretty selfish, heartless, corrupt, and evil to let American babies starve from a lack of baby formula, and let seniors on fixed incomes starve during 40 year high levels of inflation, while votingYES to send $40 billion overseas to Ukrainians. 

    Dan Webster is not a good person. And his voting record proves it.

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    In case it didn’t sink in:

    My RINO opponent Dan Webster and 70% of his RINO GOP colleagues just voted in support of sending 40 BILLION to Ukraine in the middle of record inflation, an invasion on our Southern Border, record gas prices, and a baby formula shortage in America.

    Establishment Republicans and their communist colleagues HATE YOU.

    Vote them out in the primaries!

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    If you want to complain about inflation, and I know we are all complaining about inflation because we are all hurting, then you need to put your money where your mouth is this election season and start voting out the crooks and liars who are voting in support of sending $40 BILLION to a crooked country for a geo-political war that doesn’t concern us, while inflation, food, and gas prices are the highest they have ever been in our lifetime. 

    We cannot keep spending money we don’t have. 

    The insanity will continue as long as treasonous career politicians like Dan Webster continue to stay in office. 


    We need people to show up on droves this primary season, especially here in Florida for the Republican primary August 23, 2022!

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    Yesterday my RINO opponent Dan Webster voted in support of the America Last, Ukraine First money laundering bill to supply Ukraine with another $40 BILLION in US Taxpayer money.

    There has been zero oversight with the aid sent to Ukraine, and even the Biden regime admitted that they have no idea how the money and weapons are being dispersed in Ukraine. 

    Our politicians won’t go to the Southern Border, but they will take a trip to Ukraine to take selfie’s with globalist puppet and installed Ukrainian President, Zelensky. 

    Meanwhile, American families can’t afford food, gas, American mothers are out of baby formula, and American veterans are homeless, sleeping on the street. Veterans can’t get appointments at the VA and are killing themselves while American politicians pass out pallets of cash to Ukraine. Americans continue to die from Fentanyl overdoses while Ukrainians get boat loads of cash at the snap of Biden’s finger. Seniors continue to struggle on fixed incomes while RINOS like Dan Webster gleefully vote in support of sending America’s Seniors’ social security and Medicare money to Ukrainians and the corrupt Ukrainian government instead. 

    The US shouldn’t give a penny to Ukraine when our own borders here in the US are open, and American families are struggling. 

    Shame on Daniel Webster for voting to put UKRAINIANS FIRST AND AMERICANS LAST. 

    Just another reason why he needs to be voted out of office on August 23, 2022! 

    Make sure you get out and vote these globalist RINOS out of office and support America First candidates this election season.

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