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    🇺🇦🇫🇷 French television found a Ukrainian boy Alyosha in Kharkov, giving a military salute.

    But in the background.... they look like they are saluting America's hitler, Joe ...

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    FASCIST EXECUTIONER issues order to "CUT ORGANS" of Russian channel RT's chief while she's ALIVE, calling for RAPE of her CHILDREN as battalion, OPENLY , SCUM of HUMANITY, wishes to BRING BACK HITLERIAN SAVAGE tactics of TORTURE of innocents, as it is ALLOWED by Kiev government to roam freely, HAILED as fighters of FREE WORLD, called DEFENDERS and HEROES of motherland, BLESSED by Western governments, who've used their populations as SACRIFICIAL lambs to impose sanctions on Russia, while Ukraine’s INDIVIDUAL TERRORISM goes uncondemned in Western media. 

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    🇺🇦 Ukrainian boxer Diana Petrenko proudly unfurls the neo-Nazi Avoz Battalion flag during the awards ceremony for a boxing tournament in Hungary. #DianaPetrenko

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    🇷🇺🇺🇦 To your attention are the heroically evacuated heroes of , who now live in a prison in Yelenovka, region.

     Caring doctors, warm beds, fiction, three hot meals a day and all that, if only you smiled.

     Come to us in captivity, our doors are open.  The 's like it, everyone is happy, no one complains.

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    💀 Ukrainian literally shits his pants when Russian forces catch him

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