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    🇷🇺 Construction in continues.

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    🇷🇺 In Russian Mariupol, the first residential buildings were put into operation, they were erected by the construction complex of the RF Ministry of Defense.

     In total, 12 five-story houses will be built here by the end of the year, which is more than 1,000 apartments.  According to the plans that were developed jointly with the Government of the DPR and local administrations, 10% of the apartments will go to medical workers, 10% to education employees, 10% to security forces, the rest will be distributed directly to residents who lost their homes during the fighting.  The complex also includes an emergency center and two schools for 600 and 835 students.

     Also in the new quarter of this year will begin to build another 12 residential buildings.

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    🇷🇺🇺🇦⚡An exhibition of captured equipment and weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine takes place in

     The exhibition is timed to coincide with the celebration of Metallurgist's Day in Gurov Park.  It is reported that the equipment and weapons are straight from the Azovstal plant, where tried in vain to defend themselves against Russian troops

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    🇷🇺🇩🇪🇫🇷 held talks with and on current aspects of the situation in :

     ▪️Putin informed in detail about the development of events in the context of the ongoing special military operation, noting that the RF Armed Forces strictly observe the norms of international humanitarian law

     ▪️The President of the Russian Federation reported on how work is organized to establish a peaceful life in and other liberated cities of

     ▪️Special attention is paid to the state of affairs on the negotiation track, which is frozen due to the fault of .  Putin confirmed the openness of the Russian side to the resumption of dialogue

     The President of also pointed out the dangerous nature of the ongoing pumping of Ukraine with Western weapons, warning in this regard of the risks of further destabilization of the situation and aggravation of the humanitarian crisis

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    🇷🇺⚡On the restoration of .

     1. 1,300 residential buildings will be restored in the city.  A significant part of the work will be financed by .

     2. The city will launch its own TV channel.  Work is underway to prepare the equipment.

     3. Systematic work is underway to collect the bodies of the dead Ukrainian military and civilians, as well as to identify burial grounds that were dug by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

     4. What will happen in the place of Azovstal has not yet been fully determined, this issue will be finally resolved later.

     5. Pensions in Mariupol will be paid from June in rubles at the offices of the Post.

     6. The seaport of Mariupol will be closely integrated into the Russian economic processes in the Sea of ​​Azov.

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    🇷🇺🇺🇦 The Ministry of Health of the Donetsk People's Republic reports that 50 corpses of Ukrainian soldiers who died during the fighting were found in the city park of .

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