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    , you must love getting fondled and grope by the PERVERTS at the Unconstitutional at the Airports since the Inside Job of 9-11-2001 STILL NO ONE PROSECUTED NOR BROUGHT TO JUSTICE! Bush & Klinton Inside JOB you cowards! 

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    ! Prices Up and true RECORD PROFILS!  TIME TO GO !

    Largest US egg producer sees record profits amid price hikes - America needs to get LOUD on this so & ALL of them poop their pants! (If I was God they would be in HELL now!) 😡 

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    SHOW ME in the WHERE: Article 1 section 8 where , & has the power or right to declare a “state of emergency” SHOW ME! THEN on State Level!

    I already KNOW that answer, NONE! They are  

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