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    WATCH: Laura , the “Most Banned Woman In The World”, makes a plea from ’s cell phone, on speaker phone, LIVE on Alex ’s show on Infowars, the most banned network in the world, to Elon to restore all banned accounts on .

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    NEW - Elizabeth Warren says Elon should not be able to go into a "dark room" alone and make decisions.

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    So much of the world runs off a Tweet. When will people learn? can control the world now!

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    JUST IN - will permanently suspend users engaging in impersonation of others without clearly specifying "parody," says Elon in a Tweet on the platform. #Parody

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    🇺🇲🇺🇦❗Elon 's company refused to finance services in

    Last month, #SpaceX sent a letter to the Pentagon asking them to take over the further costs of Starlink in Ukraine, according to CNN.

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