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  • Some time back, Trump elected to remove the US from the World Health Organization. Biden then stopped this from happening.

    Innitiating widespread concern that amendments offered by the Biden Administration would hand over U.S. national sovereignty on matters of health to the W.H.O.

    Today we see that concern was valid as Tedros called on all social media platforms to "work with" the WHO to counter "disinformation."

    This is the likely reason you have been censored on Truth Social. You posted content about MONKEYPOX.

    In an unprecedented move, WHO director-general Tedros declared the monkeypox PHEIC (global emergency) on 23 July, overruling his advisory councils advice.

    The Biden administration is reportedly getting ready to declare monkeypox an Emergency

    Once "Emergency's" have been declared, the Biden admin and WHO acquire new "powers" in an emergency situation.

    In 2020 Democrat's said they would not win another election without the type of environment created during COVID!

    • That's how it begins. Create confusion, create panic, use it to control the population.

      Biden's ministry of truth has likely already set up a plan of action with Facebook and Twitter to manage to conversation.

      The CDC issued a mask guidance for even though it's not an airborne virus.

      This is all about using "health emergencies" to usher in the new world order.

      has gone from an STD to an "Airborne" disease in the space of one month... there is something seriously wrong with the marketing here.

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      • Sucks to be a kid with severe acne. 🤪  

        • Out of all 67 counties in FL, Of course the first case of in Florida would come out of Broward County, FL … 😅

          That county is politically cursed.