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    REELTalk TONIGHT @ 8PM ET - Comedian 'Mr. Punchline' Scott Wood, NY Times bestselling author Steven Hartov and CBN News Senior Reporter Dale Hurd  #2A

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    REELTalk TONIGHT @ 8PM ET - REELTalk: MG Paul Vallely, Grammy winning Singer Bryan Duncan, LTG Thomas McInerney and Dr. Steven Bucci of Heritage FDN  #2A

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    I do love American patriot Sam Adams.  He was a brawler and intellectual who passionately believed in the cause of liberty, while also understanding that strategic patience and persistent public agitation were as valuable for effecting change as punctuated bursts of outright rebellion.  His fingerprints were all over the Boston Tea Party, but he was also instrumental in forming Committees of Correspondence across the colonies that helped shape public opinion into organized action.  He grasped the bigger picture and played a most dangerous game exceedingly well against the world's foremost empire.  What is more, he found power in being the underdog.  He appreciated the effectiveness of guerrilla tactics beyond the battlefield.  "It does not take a majority to prevail," he once averred, "but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

    What a splendid turn of phrase — setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.  It provides so much insight into who Adams was.  It didn't matter how invincible the British Empire appeared.  It didn't matter how few resources he might have had at his disposal.  It didn't matter how many of his contemporaries said it couldn't be done.  He refused to stop whispering words of revolution.  He insisted on being a thorn in the side of the Crown.  He struggled for years to awaken in his fellow colonists a new American identity imbued with a sense of moral purpose and dedicated to the protection of human liberty.  As the American colonies' most ardent arsonist for independence, he never stopped setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.  He lit small fires everywhere, fueled a conflagration, and changed world history forever.

    That's a lesson for us all.


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    In a video from a July 19, 2021, speech, marked the first six months of his administration by celebrating the nation's economy, which he hailed as experiencing "the fastest growth, I'm told, at this point in any administration's history."

    "We also know that as our economy has come roaring back, we've seen some price increases," Biden said. "Some folks have raised worries that this could be a sign of persistent . But that is not our view."


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