Hillary Clinton 2024 - Attacks Biden's 'Open Border' Policy - Gearing up to run as Democrats' 'Moderate' Option

Hillary Clinton's criticism of 'open border' under Biden is a sign she WILL run for president again in 2024, says former adviser to Bill who now works for Trump

  • Dick Morris was an adviser to Bill Clinton when he was Arkansas governor and later as president in 1992, but now advises Donald Trump
  • He said both Bill and Hillary's recent comments about migrants are a sign that she's gearing up to run as Democrats' 'moderate' option in 2024
  • Morris predicted Clinton would announce a third White House bid if Democrats faced huge midterm losses in the Senate and House of Representatives 

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    • LMAO Like she has a chance...

      Dems didn't cheat for her last time, they won't cheat for her this time, either.

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