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    JUST IN - CFO pleads guilty in case and agrees to testify against Trump's organization.

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    The United States does not have a real president right now. There is an individual named Joe Biden who shows up occasionally and sits in the Oval Office, but in no way can he be considered to be “President” in the traditional understanding of that term. Biden is an ersatz president.

    An American president is essentially the CEO of the federal government. He or she sets the overall strategy and direction of the country, outlines and articulates its major objectives and manages the subordinate elements that create the actual policy in order to achieve the big-picture goals laid out by the president. Like any CEO, that person likely doesn’t personally have the specific technical knowledge and expertise on a micro level in a given subject area that his/her subordinates have (nor should a CEO or president get bogged down in that kind of attention-diverting minutia), but the CEO must have an overriding vision of their company’s intended direction and be able to see how the various component parts work together in the proper proportion and timing needed to achieve the stated goals. That holds true as well for the President of the United States.

    Donald J. Trump was the prototypically ideal president in terms of setting clear achievement objectives for the country (securing the southern border, becoming energy independent, rebuilding our military, renegotiating advantageous international trade agreements, stopping China from taking unfair advantage of America in trade matters, getting NATO to pay more of its share of its defense needs, etc.) and putting in place the laser-focused personnel required to execute the plan.  This was classic large-scale business-style vision and management at its best.

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    My “endorsement of Leader McCarthy”??? 🙄

    You have a better chance of me literally sawing my fingers off with a butter knife before you ever get me to endorse Kevin McCarthy and anything he’s associated with. 

    The GOP must be blowing through millions of dollars on texting people who despise McCarthy. Here is another example yet again of how the GOP leadership is Wasting your donations everyday. Money that they raised off of their empty promises to the TRUMP GOP BASE that they would “combat VOTER FRAUD”!

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    Much of the COVID-19 fraud in California and other states was perpetrated by criminals in some 20 countries  Criminal rings submit claims using stolen identity information and then send ‘money mules’ out to pick up debit cards issued by the Employment Development Department, often to vacant houses. When the Russians and the Nigerians and the Chinese are the players on the field, they are going to put up some points; this is a very sophisticated cyberattack that’s being run at scale.

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