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We Want You To Move To The USA
The International Organization for Migration is the leading inter-governmental organization promoting humane and orderly migration for the benefit of all, with a presence in over 100 countries, and supporting 175 member states to improve migration management. In 2021, IOM´s work on the mobility dimensions of crisis reached 31.7 million persons (including internally displaced persons, refugees and migrants) and host community members. In support of the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program, which falls under IOM’s Department of Operations and Emergencies (DOE), Resettlement and Movement Management Division (RMM), IOM provides:Orderly, safe, and dignified resettlement assistance, including managing
Here's How My Refugee Resettlement Program Works - You can move to the USA!
The International Organization for Migration's (IOM) Travel Loan Program helps to provide penalty and interest-free loans to refugees arriving in the United States. Refugees who accept these travel loans are required to sign a promissory note prior to departure, committing themselves to repayment of the debt within a determined period after arrival. IOM arranges travel for refugee using funds furnished by the Department of State and is mandated to subsequently receive refugees' repayments on behalf of the Department of State. Repayments made are remitted to a revolving fund created between the Department of State and IOM for use by the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) to d
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Garmin Forums a Concentration Camp of Oppinions
It is one thing to inform me that a comment I made offended someone and ask me to only post kind, polite comments about your products. It is EXTREME to tell me you will be deleting my account based on a SINGLE comment that you did not like and to assist I file an appeal to defend myself. It says a lot about Garmin. If you want to delete my account for account for stating that Garmin Employees should be proactivly managing issues reported by your end users and not telling the enduser to go report the fault elsewhere, it means the problem inside Garmin is systemic and it will go a long way to explaining some of the weird glitches in your watch OS software that do not get addressed. I guess tha
Pierre Poilievre & Anaida! Net Worth - The leader of the Conservative Party of Canada
Current Name: Pierre Marcel Poilievre (Adoptive Name)Birth Name: Pierre Martineau (Original birth name, Surname is biological mothers maiden name, and the mother gave him the same first name as his biological father).Age: 44Who are his biological parents?His biological mother was 16 years old at the time of his birth and was forced to give up the child for adoption due to the situations surrounding the pregnancy. Rumors have it that the biological mother (a 15 year old girl at the time) was having an ongoing affair with a very prominent Canadian politician, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (who was known to be having many affairs with young women during his time in office). While it seems shock
Italy: Sudden deaths and illnesses of officers in the Italian police.
Italy: Sudden deaths and illnesses of officers in the Italian police. Something is killing peopleThere are many illnesses and sudden deaths among police officers in Italy. The police union said that many agents report feeling ill after being vaccinated against CoV-19. Illnesses and sudden deaths in the police force have alarmed officers. The number of immunized police officers who have died suddenly is constantly increasing. Sudden deaths of children, adolescents, and young adults continue to rise in the country without any investigation.‍VIDEO LINK with subtitles
I'm writing this because this is something I care about deeply & it won't happen without the support of people like you. Starting a petition isn't something I would normally do, but I was moved to do so because of what I am aware of, happening in America. I know I'm not alone & together we can make a difference. Please sign and share!
Pope defends same-*** blessings declaration, says it is misunderstood
Pope Francis on Sunday defended a landmark decision approving blessings for same-*** couples, suggesting that those in the Catholic Church who have resisted it have jumped to "ugly conclusions" because they do not understand it.In a television interview, Francis made his first public comments since the Dec. 18 declaration sparked widespread debate in the Church, with bishops in some countries, particularly in Africa, refusing to let their priests implement it."Sometimes decisions are not accepted, but in most cases when decisions are not accepted, it is because they are not understood," Francis said in response to a specific question about the December declaration."The danger is that if I do
Epstein Orgy Island Visitors List - Christmas Release
The list reads like the who's who of the liberal world and includes Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau and Prince Charles. AAdam Perry LangAkon Al GoreAlan DershowitzAlbert PintoAlee Baldwin Allison MackAlyssa RogersAnderson CooperAndrea MitrovichAndres PastranaAngelina JolieAnthony KiedisAnthony WeinerBBarack ObamaBen AffleckBernie SandersBeyonceBill ClintonBill GatesBob Saget (deceased)Bruce WillisCCasey WassermanCallum Hudson-OdoiCeline DionCharles BarkleyCharlie SheenCharlize TheronChelsea HandlerCherChris TuckerChris WagnerChrissy TeigenCyndi LauperClaire HazelCourteney CoxCourtney LoveDDemi MooreDan SchneiderDavid KochDavid SpadeDavid YaroveskyDolores ZorreguietaDonovan MitchellDoug BandDrew Ba
Unknown Group using website, and Google to Profile Visitors - No One can stop what's coming
An unknown individual or group is using Qanon, and Google to build a visitors profile by offering a website called The website went live last week offering the popular Qanon tagline of "Nothing can stop what is coming..."  and has subsequently been shared across the internet. The countdown that was due to expire today has been extended for another 30 hours. The only question's you should be asking is who is running this website and why?A quick look at the website code shows that the site is built using a company that offers their clients the opportunity to "Build your brand. On your terms. Join over 20,000 creators that use Fourthwall to
Will Climate Activists call for the elimination of the richest 1% of humanity who is responsible for more carbon emissions than the poorest 66%?
Will Climate Activists call for the elimination of the richest 1% of humanity who is responsible for more carbon emissions than the poorest 66%?Simply put #TheGreatReset should simply #DeleteTheElite to save humanity from carbon emissions. ‘Polluter elite’ are plundering the planet to point of destruction, says Oxfam after comprehensive study of climate inequalityBy calling for the complete elimination of the richest 1% of humanity who is responsible for more carbon emissions than the poorest 66% we could save the planet. Remove their cash, remove their money, remove their jets, remove their power, remove anything that allows them to live the lifestyle they live and no one will ever have to
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