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Ukrainians in Your Country Asking for Aid to Fight RussiaTotal bilateral aid commitments to #Ukraine between January 24 and November 20, 2022, by type and country or organization (in billion euros)
#Ukraine Tourism Redraws Ukraines Tourist Map in 2024
Russia's future: empire and "complete" self-sufficiency.In light of the Russian Special Military Operation in the Ukraine it became more and more clear that globalism is finished and only powerful sovereign nations will be able to survive in the 21st century, as president Putin stated recently.Russia's role in the new geopolitical arena is going to become increasingly important exactly because Russia has sovereignty (very few countries can take decisions based entirely on their national interests instead of abiding by the diktats of the US and supranational institutions, Russia is one of them) and most importantly has enough resources to be almost completely self-sufficient, in details: Russ
BREAKING: Remember when I said Marjorie Traitor Greene lied about not being tied to Milo? When I exposed her and accused her of trying to sabotage Donald #Trump after #Milo admitted to intentionally setting up President Trump at Mar a Lago to “make his life miserable” and “hurt him”, MTG said I was a liar and claimed that Milo stopped working with her in “early August”.Well, I’ve been investigating #MTG for a while now. And here’s the receipts that prove MTG lied to all of you. Here’s evidence that Milo is still working with her and was also working with her, recording campaign spots with her as late as late October! A man by the name of Josh Brown posted the tweet about Milo and MTG stoppin
JUST IN - Vaccinated & Boosted Bill Clinton is infected with COVID.vac·cine [vakˈsēn]a substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases, prepared from the causative agent of a disease, its products, or a synthetic substitute, treated to act as an antigen without inducing the disease
🇻🇪 Venezuelan resources publish photos of the NLAW anti-tank systems delivered to Ukraine, which have already appeared on sale in Latin America.These samples were seized on the border between Colombia and Venezuela.
This is the interior three chambers of Khufu Pyramid, also known as the Great Pyramid, on the Giza Plateau. The pyramid interior includes the King's, Queen's, and subterranean chambers as well as the initial excavation tunnel. Credits: This tour was created on-site by the following people: Doctor Wael Fathy, Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities Inspector Ezzat Salama, Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities Luke Hollis, Giza Project, Harvard University The 3d Photogrammetry of the Giza Plateau is from Iconem. Victoria Almansa-Villatoro provided the Spanish translation.‍  ‍
I’m the blue. MTG is the grey. When she was banned from TwitterOn Easter, it was a holiday and most reporters were off. So she called me for help. I was first to report it and get media coverage of it for her on a holiday. Weird how MTG is now saying I am “not sane” and calling me “a liar” and saying “Laura Loomer doesn’t know anything.”In this text exchange with her, she called me the greatest and said what I great friend I am. I was always a good friend. That’s what’s so funny about this. I believed in her when she was first elected, and I had high hopes for her. I always went out of my way to help her. Then, she betrayed me, and began compromising her views. And now, she has joined forces
Also, Milo’s whole new “let’s talk about the JQ cabal” is also fabricated. Before Milo #Yiannopoulos claimed to become “CHRISTIAN AND STRAIGHT”, his whole schtick was “oh hey, look at me, I’m a gay Jewish foreigner who enjoys sucking off black men.” All of his major donors were Jews too. More evidence that he has misrepresented himself to #Ye in an attempt to sabotage #Trump Here’s a photo of #Milo wrapped in a yellow python with a black male stripper and the Israeli Flag.Very “America First”. 🤪🤪🤪I guess Milo’s name stands for “Make Israel Love Oral”.#MTG
EXCLUSIVE:In the DMs I leaked this morning, I showed you how Homosexual sociopath Milo Yiannopoulos accused Ye (Kanye West) his new new boss of being gay. Now, let me show you some more archived posts I have that prove Milo is not only trying to sabotage President Trump and Ye, but he is also trying to sabotage and blackmail Nick Fuentes. In this photo from an AMA (ask me anything) on 4 CHAN, someone asked Milo if he thinks Nick is gay. And Milo said he “knows a homo when he sees one”. It appears as though Milo (the only homosexual man involved in this) is lying about being straight, trying to sabotage Donald Trump, and is trying to smear Ye and Nick with accusations of them being gay. That
And before Marjorie Traitor Greene and Milo fabricate a bullshit story and deny everything I’m saying, here is evidence that #Milo #Yiannopoulos is an official staffer for Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene.  MTG claims to support Trump and is trying to be his 2024 VPMTG is sabotaging #Trump by employing her staffer Milo who is the campaign manager for Ye (Kanye West) who is running against Trump in 2024Here is a photo of Milo’s official badge for her Congressional office. It has since been deleted from his Telegram. So, it looks like their coverup has already begun! But don’t worry, I have all the receipts saved. 😉 You can run, but you can’t hide from me you disgusting RATS!!!! Reporters
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Barry Soetoro (A.K.A. Barack Hussein Obama) - Columbia University- New York#Obama
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