About StreetLoc, Inc.
StreetLoc is a United States-based, corporation, with its headquarters in Dallas, TX. Offering a multi-purpose social networking platform for Personal, Busines and Group use.

Users can chat via messenger, Share: post; photos; albums; notes; videos; polls and events. Create: Business Pages, Events and Groups.

We are a FREE Social Media Platform for everyone, a community for like-minded, kind, generous, loving, caring individuals that want to see families prosper. Stay connected with friends, business, communities and events that are important to you.

Our robust Privacy settings gives you the power to choose who you share your thoughts and feelings with. No matter what you share, an album, post, update, photo, video or poll, you chose who gets to see it: publicly or privately, with granular control down to select friends.

Reboot your Social Media, find friends, share articles, photos, videos and memories. Connect with people around you, get notifications of local events and make plans.

StreetLoc helps you to keep up with the latest news and current events around the world through relationships with independent publishers. See real news that is not filtered main-stream content approved by a political party.

StreetLoc For Business

As the Pandemic continues to constrain economic activity in America and around the world and with unemployment rising with businesses under pressure, StreetLoc is here to help you rebuild your local businesses and communities. StreetLoc can help you give back and assist families and business owners in recovering their small businesses post lock-down, thus helping local communities thrive.

America is home to 28.8 million small businesses, accounting for 99.7% of all US businesses. Small and independent businesses boost the economy, create jobs and serve as a foundational stepping stone towards the American Dream.

Independent businesses are run by people - not boards, stockholders and algorithms. Purchasing from American small business adds wealth where it is needed: it feeds, clothes, pays for education and supports families. You will not be lining the pockets of multinationals and their already wealthy shareholders. You will be rebuilding your local community.

StreetLoc offers a platform comprising an ecosystem of technologies, services and products to bring consumers and producers together. We can assist you to scale quickly, collaborate with third parties and extend your reach, allowing you to focus on recovering revenue, rebuilding operations, rethinking the organization and accelerating the adoption of digital solutions.

All relationships have an emotional component and that holds true for the connection between people and brands. Your business’s relationship with customers is built over time, nourished by experiences at many online and physical touch points along their journey, grounded in expectations and confirmed through repeated interactions. StreetLoc can help you maintain and grow your relationships.

Store fronts are available to select businesses, where you can sell and ship services as well as physical products.

The StreetLoc Mobile App's are free to download and use.