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    HOLY SHIT. I’ve just been informed that the federal government, through NIH is injecting Ebola into animals and watching them die on land in Texas. 

    They are doing gain of function research with on US soil in one of the largest states in the nation!!! 

    What is going to happen when the Biden regime decides to “accidentally release” Ebola onto the American people during an election year when things aren’t going their way? 

    was released as a bio weapon on the world, and via Fauci, the US government was funding gain of function COVID research. 

    Now they are funding gain of function research with a live Ebola virus... on PRIMATES on US soil. 

    Don’t put it past the Biden regime  to infect this country with Ebola if it means getting their way in an election.


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    Good week, here is Prof. Idit Matot. These days we are marking two years since the outbreak of the corona plague and unfortunately, if there is one thing that still drives the decision makers in this event, it is the anxiety and the feeling of fear. "Flexibility" means being agile in our ability to be flexible, to understand at any given time what we are facing and to act accordingly.

    The omicron belongs to the corona family but there is nothing to compare it with previous strains that have caused a prolonged and severe illness with frequent need for respiration and sometimes the use of Acmo. That was then. It's not now - not the Americon. In fact, for a month now we have been seeing and understanding that the omicron is highly contagious but has minimal damage potential. Minimal!

    And evidently, we have no respirators in Ichilov with Omicron. Not even one !!! There is also no Acmo problem as there used to be because there is simply no need. What is there? Patients with respiratory flu. These patients are not counted and published except for the annual article on "The Old Woman from the Corridor." Influenza is a disease without public relations. But she kills.

    The numbers that are shown to us by Corona patients in BH, are light (for the most part) and difficult, they have Corona but for the most part they are not because of Corona! Maternity, young after falling from a scooter, treated with infection and more. I report to you about two difficult patients with us at TN but the truth is that they are one after a serious car accident and the other due to bleeding in the brain

    Therefore, the publicity of the number of severe patients with corona that appears every day in the media is misleading! In fact, critically ill patients because of the corona are isolated and also for some the aggravated definition of a serious patient as we have spoken in the past creates a false representation of illegitimate serious illness and in practice only creates anxiety and leads to problematic managerial decisions.

    Unfortunately, instead of treating this strain accordingly, resilience we said, people are forced to be imprisoned in their homes and we are de facto in a kind of closure and the state is on the verge of collapse. Say, are we crazy? And for what? It reminds me that a few weeks ago a few drops came down here but we gave it a name (Carmel) and we all waited for the flood. Now, it's really just a matter of branding.

    And most importantly, the madness of the loners should be re-evaluated. Certainly for the asymptomatic. Certainly for the children who owe a life of routine - we rob them of childhood, development, learning, and give them fears, mental disorders and regression. Please save our future generation but also save the parents who are isolated with the children.

    Hundreds of thousands of isolated on what? A huge population walks around asymptomatically with Omicron and we do not even know. Many become infected and unaware of it. During this period and in the current corona strain (Omicron) the guidelines should be adapted: Anyone who feels unwell should stay at home. Everything else - let go and just do one thing - put on masks. Edith