9 Dead, Many Wounded in US Airstrike on "Jurf Al-Sakh" in Babil, Iraq

Reports about several in "Jurf Sakhar" in /. (Local sources are saying the airforce targeted "Hashd-al-Shaabi")

"Al Hashd Al Shaabi" Medical Center ends the evacuation of the dead and wounded from the latest airstrike on "Jurf Al-Sakh" in /.The toll has now reached 9 deaths and the number of wounded has not yet been known.

Initial unconfirmed reports of targeting of affiliated sites. According to Channels the Third Regiment, Karbala Commando Brigade were reportedly struck.

Several news outlets including, Al-Mayadeen, PressTV and FarsNews are reporting the airstrike(s)

UPDATE: And now on the record from the US military: “CENTCOM isn’t aware of any strikes in Iraq.”

UPADTE: Now Telegram channels linked to Iran/“axis of resistance” are talking about an “Israeli attack” after the US denied carrying any airstrike in Iraq tonight.

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