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    🇺🇸⚡Biden's words that the events in Ukraine are "genocide" caused bewilderment among American intelligence - NBC

     “The definition of genocide includes the destruction of an ethnic group or a nation, and so far this is not what we see,” the channel said, citing the words of a US intelligence official.

     Earlier, Biden's words were also refuted by American journalist Rich Lowry - in an article for Politico, he emphasized that Biden's statements about the genocide in Ukraine are erroneous and potentially harmful, adding that they diverge from the position of the US administration.


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    🇫🇷⚡Marine Le Pen also refused to call the fighting in Ukraine a genocide.

     “Genocide is a legally extremely clear definition that does not correspond to the facts now known,” she said.

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    The repression is brutal in its ambitions: Chen Quanguo, Xinjiang’s governor, has proclaimed a “smashing, obliterating offensive,” pledging to “bury the corpses of terrorists and terror gangs in the vast sea of the People’s War”—an especially disturbing turn of phrase given that people are suspected of terrorism if they socialize too little or have the wrong kind of beard. It is a frighteningly high-tech kind of persecution. Surveillance cameras are programmed to recognize Uyghur faces, all cars have state-issued GPS trackers, phone data is exhaustively harvested, and QR codes are affixed to houses to provide instant information to the police. It is dehumanizing in the most fundamental ways. One Uyghur doctor, now in Istanbul, told ITV that as part of a government-run “population control plan,” she had taken part in more than 500 operations on Uyghur women including forced contraception, abortion, and sterilization. The question—one question, anyway—is whether all this meets the legal definition of genocide.

    The word is one of the most potent neologisms of the 20th century, coined by the Jewish-Polish lawyer Raphael Lemkin around 1944 and codified by the U.N.’s Genocide Convention in 1948. Sir Geoffrey Nice acknowledged the difficulty of pinning down a definition. “The public citizen has been given this word,” he says. “Can you imagine being as powerful after your death as Lemkin, in giving every educated person on the planet this new word? They didn’t have it before; now they’ve got it. What a phenomenal success. But, they don’t really know how”—he pauses—“they know how to use it, but they don’t really use it accurately, according to the law.” However, he believes the legal nuances are no reason to abandon the term. “It suited the politicians and the lawyers at the time to hand out this definition. They shouldn’t then be allowed to take it away by saying, ‘Oh, no, it’s too difficult to use.’ You can’t give and take away at the same time.”

    The Genocide Convention was the first ever treaty passed by the U.N. General Assembly: it represents, in some ways, the beginnings of the post-war international order. Over the next few years we may discover how much of that order remains.

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    Majestic 12 Hub, [06.08.21 15:00]

    4 August 2021

    Freedom of Information Requests: Health/ Science Institutions Worldwide “Have No Record” of SARS-COV-2 Isolation/Purification

    As of July 30, 2021: 90 institutions and offices in 24 countries/jurisdictions have responded thus far, as well as study authors and and none have provided or cited any record describing “SARS-COV-2” isolation/purification.

    Every institution has failed to provide even 1 record describing the isolation aka purification of any “COVID-19 virus” directly from a patient sample that was not first adulterated with other sources of genetic material.

    As of August 6, 2021:
    91 health/science FOI’s institutions globally had all failed to provide or cite even 1 record of “SARS-COV-2” isolation/purification, by anyone, anywhere, ever. Below is a list of the institutions.

    Global Research (
    Freedom of Information Requests: Health/ Science Institutions Worldwide "Have No Record" of SARS-COV-2 Isolation/Purification - Global Research
    All Global Research articles can be read in 51 languages by activating the “Translate Website” drop

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